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Bridges Runner

Bored and pissed

Bored and pissed

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I hate the apartment store. Hate is a powerful world but I mean it! Just when I thought they were through with their raft of meaness towards everyone I know practically....they pull one on me. I got a parking ticket for parking my car in the assigned lot (aka I paid for it out of my own pocket and yet they want me to pay a ticket on top of that). The reasoning I'm guessing is due to the change of parking passes. I had picked up the new pass the day before since the old color stickers were stolen (shady if you ask me). I bet they didn't put me down in the new book or something. Naturally it was put on my car tuesday and I didn't go to drive it until today--Friday night. It says I have 48 hours to go to the apartment store to pay it...how the hell am I supposed to do that if I don't know about it until 3 days later/?? Freakin morons. So yay more stress.

I got someone to buy the UcF tix after the girl bailed on me Thurs night....grr. So one less thing to stress about.

So yeah I'm here. Bored. On a Friday night. I guess I'll go to bed soon to get ready to cheer my Nittany Lions on tomorrow:-D FOOTBALLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!
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