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PSU football...rah rah rah

So today was the first football game of the year here at PSU:-D Man, I missed it. Football just rocks. Anyway, we left around 11AM (I gave in to peer pressure to leave later today) for Beaver Stadium. I knew we'd get decent seats since we'd be between the 30 and 40 yd lines since we're SENIORS:-D Our seats were ::gasp:: 49 rows up. I think I sat that high up only once before. hehe. It was cool though. I ended up being two rows in front of Allison (girl I know from HRIM class and now Justin's neighbor:P). It was great to be back in the stadium...I missed the whole atmosphere. It is just so awesome to be amongst 110,000 people. The marching bands....the overpriced food....the student chants...ahh I love it:) The game went so so. I thought the defense looked pretty shakey at times....not aggressive really. Then they pulled everyone's favorite ::sarcasm:: prevent to win defense. I HATE WHEN TEAMS DO THAT!!! What is the point besides helping the losing team get right back into it?!?! grrr. Just play tough the full 60 and you win without pulling out hairs. We left around 5 mins left in the game since it was 27-9 at that point and we were pretty beat from standing in the sun for around 4 hours. On the walk home I decided to call my mom to see what was going on in the game....apparently it was 27-24...but thankfully we only had to kneel down...so pulled out the victory by the skin of our teeth. Stupid prevent defense ::very very pissy about that::. Anyway, I'm under the assumption that Joe Pa is not showing all of his moves in the first game with Nebraska next. I have a feeling he wants that one more than he is letting on. PSU really got screwed in 94....and I have a feeling Nebraska fans can even admit that. The 94 team was amazing...I went to the Ohio State game that year and we crushed them 63-14. We killed Oregon in the Rose Bowl 38-14 or something. Sympathy vote...what bs. Hopefully in 2 weeks we can exact revenge:-D I, for one, have confidence in this team. I hope other fans keep the faith....confidence is something that will help this team thrive. You definitely could sense a whole different mentality then the last two years. I've been waiting 8 years for revenge...though this will not really make up for it....I just love seeing Nebraska lose...I really hope we win:-D

When we got home from the game, I grabbed something to eat since I was really hungry (only had oatmeal for breakfast). Next, grabbed a shower and Amy went to the mall. I said I wanted to stay behind since I felt kind of tired. I ended up napping. When I woke up though, I felt really disoriented and dizzy. I thought it was just like the many other times...the way you feel confused right after sleep. I met Amy and the crew at Subway for dinner. I got a hoagie and a drink...thought maybe I just needed some food. However, when I got home I still felt really dizzy/disoriented. It was then I realized I was probably dehydrated...I had drank only one bottle of water at the game which was a huge mistake. So tonight I've been drinking H20 like it's my job and just relaxing.....trying to feel better really. I felt bad that I promised Amy I'd go to Catharsis with her and her friends but I knew I didn't have the strength for it:-( I'm sorry Amy:( Anyway, dehydration sucks....next time I pay for the water so I can enjoy being out later...

So welcome to September in about 20 mins...

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