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Round 1 to the guy...defeats Walk's towing!

Today I was next door at my neighbors and we noticed the ticket lady for our parking lot putting something on some guys big ass truck (the kind with the big ass wheels)...he was parked illegally for all of 3 mins....so the lady leaves and evidently called the towing assholes from Walk's.

so I am not kidding when I say within 5 mins the towing truck is in the parking lot....and right before he was going to lift it the guy comes running out telling him to stop but the towing guy lifts it anyway. so the guy starts honking the horn and going nuts. the towing guy goes in his truck to call the po po. and before I knew it....the guy had turned his wheel so he could just drive off the tow thing! I thought he was going to crash into the apartment building! But he escaped:-):-)

About time the morons from walk's get what they deserved:-D
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