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Stress. Cranky. Exhausted. Unhappy...you pick it and it's probably right for the mood right now. There is just way to much shit going on to keep STRAIGHT. Not really that much of a surprise since it's just the crap that comes with being a senior....I'm just really not happy with the way it is now. 14 hour days are not cool. I was supposed to have a little more time this semester with only 12 credits and only tues/thurs class. Nope, none of that. And now the whole job prospect is not cool....where the hell am I supposed to get a job if companies keep laying off people?? I think it's more of the fear factor...the fact that at this point next year I have no clue what I may be doing. Hopefully, something productive and making some money (and no i don't mean a min wage job;-)). It's just scary....I'm sure some of you out there can relate. Some may have gone through this terrible process while others are going through the same thoughts as I am. I remember entering college thinking how the job prospects would be good and look what happens....the Bush years return again....(I did NOT vote for this moron! ok that's my i hate bush section:P).

Anyway, I suppose it just means working harder to get what I want....something has to give...hopefully the employer giving me an offer;-) As I told a friend earlier, I'm going to fight and fight.,....and keep on fighting....even if somehow I fail...I know I've tried and that is all one can ask for. 99% of the time if you put it all out on the table you will succeed...at least that's how I feel...so that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to information sessions, resume workshops, career fairs, etc. I am not sitting down on this...I refuse to feel like 4 years of school was wasted. I've never been a sidelines person and this will be no exception to that rule. I may not be the smartest in the world....nor the most talented...but I work HARD. It's something I've gotten from watching my family and it's a damn good trait. You just don't mess with Lis...because she will fight to get what she deserves. For me, that means fighting to get a job at this point. Stay tuned on this. Career fair on Thursday is the beginning of the fun...trying to get a job....

It's been a week since I posted....and I'm sure stuff has happened there just hasn't been anything that made me feel like writing here. Heck, I don't even know if people read this shiznit. Anywho to those that do, yay! Hmm so since Tuesday....
Last Tuesday was like any other tuesday.,..lots of class...come home feeling crappy.
Wednesday: Work and College Dems...signed our org up for THON
Thursday: Class till 5:30, Governor's debate...GO RENDELL!!!! Didn't get home till after 10...gotta love the 7:45am-10PM days...builds character unless you scream obscenities....
Friday: work and FRIDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY.....dinner at the Deli with Nicole and Brian...Cafe with Justin and his friends then Nick, Stouty and Michelle. First time out in a while so it felt good...especially after a long crappy week again...seems to be a common thread:P
Sat: GAME! PSU 49 La Tech 17....3-0 #12 in the country. Didn't get there till late so sat reallllllllllly high up....still had a good time even though it was basically sitting in the frat boy section! Grrr. Sat night I worked on some English and generally chilled with Amy. It had been a while since we had a good chill at home night. I fell asleep by 2....just absolutely exhausted.
Sunday: EAGLES!!!!!!!! Eagles 44 cowboys 13....awww yeah! Gotta love seeing the lowly cowboys lose:-D Group meeting at the library. Stuck in the library thanks to a stupid rain storm:(
Monday: work smirk....then a boeing presentation. Good tips for interviewing and resumes....however don't think I'd want to work for them. I did not find the people they used as recruiters impressive. Plus I know some bad stories of people that had worked for them. Good presentation though...hopefully I can use those tips eh:D
Today: Class all the live long day. I was supposed to go to the career fair now but I was just too exhausted to go after class....that and I got a splitting headache. I dont' think I could deal with recruiters with a splitting headache. The career fair is like a beef market...I really need to be ready for that atmosphere. So no thanks to today... In a few mins I will be heading out though....off to dinner in West then to another company info session. This is the life of a college senior....I want to be able to have senioritis:-/

Not sure if I mentioned the good news....
Art 090 (Intro to photography) Tues/THurs 9:45-11
IST 440W Tues/Thurs 1:00-2:15
Soc 5 Tues/Thurs 2:30-345
HRIM 471 Tues/Thurs 4:15-530
Skiing 4 Saturdays 12-3
Art 2 Web class

Yep, no MWF again:-D I may drop the photography class if it turns out to be a lot of work or a pain in the butt. No need for that second semester senior year:P

Hope everyone is hanging in there!!! Leave a note to get the crankiness out>_< And if I haven't seen you lately...I am sorry...it's not because I'm trying to ignore you....it's called freaking long days:P

Until next time...hopefully not a week.....


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