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Institution=screwed over once a year at least!


Yes, I got my round of screw Lis over for the year from this pos institution. Here's the email I got regarding the skiing class i scheduled:

Dear Elyssa

The course ESACT274 section 500 campus UP semester SP2003
has been modified.

Beg Date 011803 End Date 022203
Min Cred: 1.5 Max Cred: 1.5

Days Beg End Room Building
S 1230P 0300P TUSSEY M
Beg Date 011803 End Date 022203
Min Cred: 1.0 Max cred: 1.0

Days Beg End Room Building
S 1230P 0300P TUSSEY M

If credit values have changed, this could impact full-time status.

Review your full schedule for any potential conflicts.

If you have any question, please contact the department offering
the course.

Isn't it nice of them to tell me this now???? Not 2 weeks ago before i scheduled. I am infuriated...I am looking for blood....I do not need this. I do not need this institution being a pain in the friggin ass when i just need the esact credit to graduate. I don't particularly want to take these credits but this wonderful institution forces it down your throat.

Update: Emailed/called the esact people...response
"we're not in charge of that since it's a continuing education class...we'll forward this email to someone else"

For crying out loud...just give me the stupid .5 credit to let me graduate....

Really angry and pissed off right now...I'm going to punch my hand through a wall right now

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