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Is it Friday yet?

So it's time for an update now that I'm in the library waiting for time to pass so I can go to the final class of the day. This week has already felt like about 6 or 7 days and it's only day 2 of the week. So much for 12 credits being nice and relaxing eh? Not with the amount of crap that goes on. Anywho, it hasn't been a terribly exciting few days. Had an interview with IR on Friday...it rained as usual which sucked. Interview went OK should know in two weeks... I did make my first visit to Mad Mex which was cool...my advice is to bring a Lockwood with you so you have someone to help you drink the massive margarita:) 7 shots of tequila in one margarita is a whole lot!

The game on Saturday was a trip. We all went to the game and we got 12th row. So the game starts and we suck...HARD CORE! To the tune of we were losing 35-13 with 10 mins left in the fourth quarter! So Lockwood tells us how he has always been bad luck and that the team always loses when he comes. So we leave after the INT that Iowa took back to the 1 of PSU. I was fed up and there really was not much time left. So we're walking home and we hear cheers from the stadium..eh so what an INT or something. We're almost in Pollock and someone says it's 35-28! Lockwood's luck strikes again...hehehe...you know I'm just joking with you! Anyway watch the remainder of the game in Lockwood's room right down to the dumbest play to run on 4th down...screen pass. *sigh*

Saturday night we saw Undercover brother. I'm not sure whether I laughed because it was funny or because of how wrong it was:) Eh what the hell...go see it anyway:P After I went home and went to bed...I was exhausted! However 2:30AM someone thought it would be funny to burn a potato and set the fire alarm off:( grrr...mind you it was 40 degrees outside and I was in a deep sleep. If i find out who it was...grrrrrr

Sunday went to the waffle shop:) Forgot how good the cinammon apple waffles are. mmm mmm good. Lots of studying for stupid poly sci. I forgot how much I hated studying for exams:( Sunday night I had an English meeting which made me want to bash my head in. 4 1/2 hour English group meeting SUCK! Especially in Pollock lab...ahhhhhhhhh! It got done at least.

I found out yesterday that the web site for GeoVISTA will be going live on Sunday night. That means I'll be working Sunday night...blech.

Today I almost had a nervous breakdown in English. The group member that had our project to turn in naturally was not there in time. Leslie and I were freaking out because we spent all that time on the dumb ass library guide. Just as we were going to ask the teacher to go call the other group member, in he walks a half hour late! whhhhhhhhew. I seriously would not have been a happy camper if we got points docked cause he overslept. My poly sci exam went well...wasn't nearly as bad as I expected.

As I see it now, a mere 15 classes stand between me and Fall Break in Michigan:-D 3 days of class after this next one....I CAN DO IT!!! Can you?

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