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And congrats on making it to Friday....

Well here we are...the magical world of Friday!:) This also means 14 days til I put my body through hell....but hey it's for the kids:) That is if we find out where our family lives now...but that is a different story:P

Anyway, I'm heading home this weekend. Hopefully I can get a whole bunch of school junk done. Midterms are soon:(

I've realized something. IST should be renamed GIST. GROUP INFORMATION SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY. If we don't have group activities, I think that the world may start spinning the wrong way:)

Yay for soon to be joiners in the 21 club...I get to buy their first drinks too!!! I feel slightly honored...they will be named once the big days come:P

Oh and as for that day...Feb 14...Michelle and I have come up with a way to make it disappear...it will be thirsty Thursday next week:) Details later.,..let me know if interested.

Well I had some cool random stuff to write...but the cool stuff got weeded out with all the BS i had to write for my GIST assignment....argh. well time for sleep...woohoo!

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