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Just a quick note

Figured I'd drop a quick note while I'm wasting time before the last class before Fall break (thank goodness). I've decided I would have much rather had all of my tests this week then have stuff due right when I get back. Basically I have a bluebook exam worth 25% of my grade next Thursday and a full English rough draft. *sigh* How many days till I'm outta here?

Which brings me to: JOBS. I got an interview with Lockheed Martin which is cool...but alternate status with AMS (a consulting place in Fairfax, VA). Not so bad. Should be hearing from Ingersoll-Rand soon...glad I got an interview from the Career Fair because they cancelled future interviews that were supposed to be on campus! Just got a book from Amazon called "Women for Hire". It's got job tips but in a creative way to make it entertaining to read. Plus there are a lot of worse things than job searching...like carrying 6 screaming kids across the Oregon Trail;)

So you may be asking...holy moly...she's actually not pissed at the world! Yep, you can thank Fall Break and getting the HELL out of here for that. This time tomorrow I'm somewhere along the way to MICHIGAN. Whoooo! Yep, I'll be at the Michigan/Penn State game this weekend...I can't wait! It should be pretty cool to see the Big House in person...though I'm sure nothing will beat the atmosphere of the Nebraska game;) So I suppose that's it...I'll report on my visit to Michigan sometime Sunday or Monday...not sure what time I will get home from Michigan. I know it'll be 3 1/2 hrs longer since I'm going home home....

so yar.

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