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Ann Arbor is a whore...

So I'm back from Michigan....what a trip!! The ending of the game was the sucky part...but everything else ROCKED! Around 9am Friday, my dad and brother picked me up at my apartment and we stopped by the Waffle Shop for some breakfast. Then I had to drop off something for THON and my dad and brother wanted to get PSU hats. They could have gotten 10% off had either of them had their alumni cards...but naturally my brother told my dad to take the card out of his wallet because he'd never use it. heh. So typical. Then it was time to head West to MICHIGAN! I couldn't believe it since my dad had planned on doing this for YEARS. My brother had just bought a new car...toyota matrix. Naturally, he had to get stick shift...so riding in the back made for a nauseating one. We left for Ann Arbor around 10:20am and arrived at our hotel (about 12 miles outside of Ann Arbor) around 5. Immediately we went to our hotel room and napped!! After an hour nap, we headed into Ann Arbor equipped with our PSU hats of course;-) That's the fun part...being the enemy:P

Getting into town wasn't so easy. We found the exit to get to Michigan Stadium...and found the stadium. But then...where is the campus? Where is the town? Naturally, being the silly males that they are, they don't agree to stop for directions. So we drive around for about 20 mins. before eventually finding it. We walked around town for a bit...then found the campus. My dad commented on wanting a good dinner but he failed to consider that the place we ended up at was right across the street from campus. It turned out to be a beer and grease type place if you know what i mean. My brother, whom I should mention was a frat boy, attempted to get myself and my dad drunk. He was egging us on by saying you don't leave beer and what not. heh. So 2 pitchers of beer later it was time to go home:P We eventually found where we parked and headed back to the hotel.

SATURDAY! GAME DAY! After a not so good sleep due to a snoring brother....it was time to get up and get ready for the GAME! Each of us wore our #12 jerseys....hehe...3 Michael Robinsons:) We headed into Ann Arbor to walk around and check out the town. The remarkable thing was that we could drive right in and there was NO traffic. Definitely different than State College. Another odd thing was being able to walk around downtown....since it was bigger there weren't such a cluster of people. In addition, we think since Ann Arbor is actually near civilization many people just drive in for the game. Anyway, we walk about a mile and a half from our parking spot to downtown Ann Arbor when my idiot brother realizes he can't find his wallet. This is the same person that claimed he didn't need to check the room because he had everything. So naturally we get to walk all the way back to the car and he still can't find it. He ends up having to drive back to the hotel. Thankfully my dad agrees that we should stay while he did that. We ended up walking around some more. Michigan has all of their athletic fields and stadiums all in one place...which is probably why it looked so big. They make it look very pretty by using bricks and stuff...looks really nice. We headed back into town again and found a nice irish pub to eat in and watch some college football. We couldn't find a table at first but a nice couple that happened to be Michigan fans asked us if we would like to join them since they had a huge table to themselves. They turned out to be quite friendly. We chatted while we waited for our food and my brother. Besides being Michigan fans, they were quite nice;) I ordered Shepherds Pie and it rocked! Very big portion and filling. I couldn't eat it all:P After lunch we checked out the M Den which was very similar to the Lions Den minus the Penn State stuff:) Then it was time to head to the BIG HOUSE!

Let me say this...the big house doesn't look big from the outside. It seems like it is a little stadium since it is built into the ground. When you walk in, you're on top of the stadium basically. I ended up seeing Isaac from work, my next door neighbor and Bryan Scott's dad (my mom knew the family from when went to CB East). Our seats were in row 13 of the end zone across from the student section;) Let me say this...we're not the only place where students don't show up until the last minute. Michigan's student section didn't fill till sometime in the first quarter. It was kinda cool because they all wore the "maize" yellow shirts so it was very distinctive. The blue band came to the game which rocked. They came out and most of the 111,502 fans boo'd except for our section...which came through with "ooooh oooooh oooooh let's go state!". After came the Michigan band with naturally the most annoying song to anyone that isn't from Michigan..."The Victors." It was kind of cool how everyone in the stadium sang to it and had hand motions to it. Finally it was game time. Penn State started with the ball and it was confusing....Robinson was playing quarterback or runningback with no sign of LJ. This was very concerning. A little later he showed up:) Anyway my analysis on the game. There were definitely some inconsistancies with the calls. First of all, we'll start with the call of the game: Johnson's Reception along the sideline. We could see from the end zone that he probably had one foot in but also he was pushed out of bounds. So that was definitely a TERRIBLE call. Mills was on fire before that and I really believe that had that counted...we have a chance at a short field goal or possibly a game winning touchdown. Second, I did not like the fact that they didn't measure to check if Michigan got a first down when it was close. It is said you are supposed to measure on close calls but the ref appeared to eyeball it and call it a first down. Finally I have a hard time believing Michigan committed 2 penalties for the whole game including overtime. There were several occasions where I saw some shirt pulling. I don't like to say we lose because of refs but I certainly think the refs did a good job of hindering our chances. As for the roughing the kicker, though our player says he tipped it (which is possible since that kick didn't go far), he did rough him up pretty good. I believe that was the turning point of the game...we don't make that bad play, we probably get more points on the next possession. We had the big word of momentum and after that play you could feel it deflate. One thing I am very concerned about is our short pass defense...we seem content to give the underneath stuff. But with our tackling, or non tackling if you will, it's not an effective tool. One thing to mention while I was at the game was of course the moron that had to be located in my section. He threw a full bottle of water at Penn State fans...it hit a Michigan first on the finger than my brother's knuckle before finally hitting someone else in the back. I thought my brother was going to rough that kid up pretty good;) Instead, he ran to get security which never came. Fortunately things settled down and he didnt' disturb us again. Also, two rows in back of me, there was a pretty famous hall of famer ex steeler/psu WR. You may know him from a reception he made...you know who? FRANCO HARRIS!! He looks the same pretty much and I got my picture with him:) After we lost, that sucked. Just knowing we had a 10 hr car trip and now with one of the most heartbraking losses. My dad had said "this will go down as one of the most memorable PSU games ever" prior to OT...he reneged that after by saying "this will go down as one of the most memorable Michigan games ever";)

The trip home...we went to the car immediately after and started the long journey home. We drove about 4 1/2 hrs Sat Night. We stopped at a rest stop in Ohio (man they have nice rest stations in Ohio). There were people from all facets of college football: PSU fans, Michigan fans, Notre Dame fans and Pitt fans. It was kind of funny. Next we were looking for a place to stop at on the turnpike. We took one of the first exits off the turnpike to Beaver Falls, PA (Joe Namath born here). We pulled into a Holiday Inn figuring how many people stay in a hotel in the middle of nowhere on a Sat Night? Apparently the Psychic Convention and some person's wedding were using the hotel so it was full:P I kid you not. So we drive onward and find an America's Suites. They had 2 hotel rooms left...both smoking rooms. Fortunately one of them wasn't too bad. Sunday involved driving the ENTIRE PA turnpike. You talk about the most boring trip EVER. Amy, if you thought 2 hours of turnpike was bad, imagine 6 hours of it;) It's also crappy...turny...and a pain. PA has these dumbass signs on the turnpike sayuing how you should love instead of hate construction. WTF? We arrived home around 3:30PM. It was weird to think that in a matter of a couple days I had been from State College to Michigan to Philly. Oi. It was alot of fun but next time I'm flying into Detroit before going to a game:)

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