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Hey all...I know you've missed my thoughts...but guess what? I'm baaaaaaaack!

Anyways, home was nice. A little time to get away from the hectic college life:) Home bed advantage is always nice as well. So pretty much I slept and chilled at home...woohoo:) Real food too though I left the Ziggarats veggie burgers at home...grr...they are the best! oh well. I'm refreshed for the battle.

Thoughts...THON is really soon. I can't believe it! Everyone better keep their promises and come visit me;) I know where you live:P

Happy 21st birthday Nicole! I'm sure you'll enjoy the 21 club...and the forces of evil...hehehe. I hope you took a shot of something to savor the moment...for now you're on the old side too:) hehe.

I still dislike country music a lot! I tried to listen to it but it's like sitting in an econ 2 class...that kind of pain! You know it must not be good! No disrespect to those that like it but please don't try to get me into it...not happening!

Midterms still suck. No matter how many times profs say they are going to scatter the timings of exams...doesn't happen. Assured of at least 3 exams in a week....

I learned today that 2 bits of dark chocolate off of a Hershey bar is good for you. My response: "Just teasing...who eats 2 bits without eating an entire bar?"

Ain't it funny is a very catchy song...blech. evil.

Procrastination is an art. Ask me if you have any questions. For I am the QUEEN!

Well I had more to write but I really need to read about the Romans before bed...especially since my prof put me to sleep with it last week:( hehe.

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