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Yep, another weekend by the wayside. Hard to believe another semester is half way through...crazy if you ask me. It was a decent weekend by my standards especially since it included free candy:-D

Friday: Homecoming Parade. Met Adam around 445 up on shortlidge by the curb to save our seats. They were in prime candy location:) Around 5:15 the whole gang showed up (Amy,Lockwood,Emily,Neil,Anthony, and Michelle). I didn't know they were all coming but that was kind of nice:) The parade was pretty cool this year. I got tons of candy...but a little heavy on the tootsie rolls. I also had batman try and bite me...that was kind of scary. Unfortunately, they put a clown in the parade and why I will never ever know! The parade was well spaced this time in that there wasn't huge gaps like there had been the past few years. This time there was backups. After the parade we jetted back to the apartment so we could order FOOD! We got some DP Dough...9 calzones@_@ Weird giving a calzone guy 60 bucks:P After that we chilled and watched tv most of the night. There was a really dumb comedy central movie...yet we still watched most of it:P Around 11, Ian called and asked if I wanted to meet up with him and his sister. I ended up meeting them down by Zenos...however they thought Ian's sisters id was a fake and wouldn't let her in even though she is 25 years old! We ended upat the Brewery since they didn't have the machine that would call it a fake. I got a woodchuck...man they are so good off the tap! Around 1:15 Ian walked me home since I was tired and had to get up for the game the next day.

Saturday: Woke up and it was raining. At that point I decided it was not worth it to get to the game early. It is no fun to be wet and cold:( We ended up in the 69th row or something..whatever. Worst part being...out of all the 110,000 people who has to be in our row but Andre (the one from IST..). Amy and I could not believe out of all the rows it had to be us! So we get to our bench and stand up...then a group of guys came (think they were rugby) and said that they were supposed to be where we were. Talk about rude...the fact that they were all much taller than us and needed to be in that row. Obnoxious. So I didn't see most of the game because I had heads in the way:( In addition, one guy thought it'd be cool to bring a flask full of rum (nothing mixed) and drink the whole thing over the course of the game. He even said how he planned on being obnoxious. By the end of the half it was 35-0 and the guys in front of us were really getting on our nerves. We decided it was a win-win to head home and watch the rest in warmth and comfort. I always end up with the losers in front of me at football games *sigh*. 49-0 was the result/....Ohio State next week!

After the game, Amy made Chicken with Cashews which was great as usual (thanks amy^_^). Around 9, I went with Melissa to the HUB lawn to see the Clarks. Pretty much so I could be reassured it's not all scary mullet people that go to their shows:P It was fun and a good change of pace. Melissa agreed with my idea of a smoke-free bar...anyone else intrested? We also discussed the problem of old alumni hitting on 21 yr old females. She said next time she'll mention that when they were our age we were like 8. Ewww. Afterwards I went home and waited for midnight to meet Carrie for her bday. We went to the sports cafe since they are the only bar that even lets 21 yr old birthday people in. Maggie came along which was cool...caught up with her. We talked about the fact that it seems so long ago we were roomies. Definitely gotta catch up with her more than once every month! When I got home, Amy had just arrived home after walking to Wal*Mart which is pretty damn far!

Sunday: FOOTBALL! Woke up around 10 after having a dream that I was offered a job right at the interview. Hope that's a good sign of things to come:D Pretty much just blahed around for an hr or so before showering and watching football/attempting homework. At halftime, i went to Amanda's to watch the rest of the Bills/Dolphins game before the EAGLES came on. Eagles won 20-10...YAY:) After the game I stopped home real quick to grab what I needed for the evil evil library. I was determined to go and yes indeedy I did make it! I got a few books for my research project due in a few weeks...ugh. Paper writing is yucky. Came home to watch the Practice and did some revising of my English paper. Finally around 2 when my eyeballs were going to fall out, I went to bed:P

It's monday...the week doesn't suck too bad yet. 2 information sessions and 2 interviews should make for a fun 3 days...wish me luck! Oh yeah...Amy and I finally made it to Saints Cafe...the one that seems to always be closed when we walk past it. Good pastries:) Well, it's back to work for me

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