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Bridges Runner

The Sniper...

The Sniper...

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This is just entirely out of control and scary as all heck. As Amy says "Why can't he just go away?" Bad enough to wake up for 8am English let alone to hear about another innocent life being taken for no reason whatsoever. I think the scariest part of this is that the person has no respect of human life...that's just sick. It's also scary that the feds have no clue who this person is./...probably no closer to solving the case than 3 weeks ago

So my proposals of what to do if we ever find this mad man:
*Throw this person in a cave with Osama and blow it up...can't get too much more evil in one cave!
*Use his markmanship to take out Saddam and his many look a likes...notice how every man in Iraq pretty much looks like him
*My dad's idea: Throw him/her in a cell with Jeffrey Dahmer....put some ketchup on him/her....let him go to town
*Amy's idea: Give him/her a bag of money with a smiley face on it...with a bomb that blows up when he/she picks it up

So what's your idea? This is definitely a topic almost everyone has an opinion on...
  • Couple Of Suggestions...

    1) Let the families stone the bastard to death in public.
    2) let him run through the desert while special forces start sniping him appendage by appendage till he bleeds a slow death.
    3) flay the bitch, hang, draw, and quarter him... reeeeeeeeeeeeeally slow.
    4) just let your imagination go wild with these few items and see what kind of torment you can come up with: boiling oil, orange peeler, rusty spoon, lawn mower, and lots of explosives.

    I think thats my first few thoughts about what to do to him. Check in tomorrow as my brain is half asleep now.
  • At least your family doesn't live right in the middle of it. And unfortunately all conventional wisdom says that our particular area is next. I just got a call from my mom about my sister taking the bus to school.

    I agree with all the suggestions. Stupid super left librals and their, "That's cruel and unusual punishment!"
  • Hah

    Go here and scroll to the middle of the page to vote on it.
  • Thankfully we don't but my roomie is right in the thick of it (Montgomery County). This guy deserves no more antics after they get him...I liked the options on that poll...I picked all of the above:)
    • As amusing as the whole Dahmer thing is, he's been dead for about eight years in fact. Beaten to death by a fellow inmate at the maximum security prison he was spending the rest of his life in. I even know the guy's name...Christopher Scarver. Yes. I know these things. It scares even me. Just FYI.

      As for this Sniper Business...I say we hire this guy. Our government needs people like this. Ruthless, cunning, and with little to no morals. Give he/she/them a contract based on how many people they can take out cleanly and efficiently, a pay-for-play sort of thing. The US loses it's enemies, and the Sniper (or Snipers if there is indeed more than one) can feed their rather...disturbing need to end human life.

      If I was in a more paranoid mood I'd say they already were on Uncle Sam's payroll...but it's too early for that kind of talk.
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