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Bridges Runner

Really for my own records...

Really for my own records...

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To do list:
*Take home exam due Thursday
*English stupid paper due Nov 12
*Roman Civ paper due Nov 12
*Poly Sci Exam due yep you guessed it...Nov 12

After that pretty clear till finals....with the usual job stuff...

I better get damn geeky!
  • Hahah, I only have one 15 page paper due the 12th! Nana!

    Of course, that same time in December I have 20 things due. Damn, poli sci class moving final exam.
    • Re:

      yeah my papers together are only 12 pages...so i guess i'm a wuss...but considering I haven't started either yet...oye. School can just go away...really.
  • Hey, never ever doubt the powers of procrastination!
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