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Wow a week...

Wow....a week has gone by...really no time to update this until well right now. So I suppose I can give a wrap up sorta of the week gone by....really won't feel like getting too much into specifics cause well I just don't feel like it:P

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Wow....a week has gone by...really no time to update this until well right now. So I suppose I can give a wrap up sorta of the week gone by....really won't feel like getting too much into specifics cause well I just don't feel like it:P

<lj-user="kenkomachi"> gives a good recap of our roadtrip to Ohio State:-D We had an overall good time with the exception of the few jerks. I will say what I have said since the game ended...even if we get that pass interference call (which was totally blown) we don't win that game. Zack Mills threw about 10 INT balls in that game. Absolutely atrocious. That game is in Happy Valley we win it....next year will be a very good year:-D

So Sunday afternoon after we got back...that was FREAK THE HECK OUT TIME!!!!!!! At this point I came to the realization that I had a take home exam due Thursday, 2 papers due nov 12, and an exam that day as well. Now, one of the papers was for Roman Civ...the worst class in the entire world. DO NOT TAKE IT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES UNLESS YOU WANT PUNISHMENT! So Sunday night was spent trying to research for Roman Civ....though it was not very successful. Went to bed around midnight because I was exhausted from the trip.

Monday: Worked 10-3 as usual...then off to the library to get more books. Monday was supposed to be the day I made the outline for my Roman Civ class...that didn't work out so well:P I had an adopt a family meeting for THON...naturally our organization didn't get a family again:( Sucky. This is the second year in a row this happened! Naturally, the THON people gave us the crap of "oh you'll probably get one later." heh. Oh well the good news was I was home in time for Monday Night Football...to watch my Eagles beat up on the Giants...nice to see that:) Naturally, the Giants have crybabies (ahem: Jeremy Shockey). Scoreboard: Eagles 17 giants 3 Went to bed around 1...because I just didn't care anymore. Also, decided to look into dropping Roman Civ since I didn't need it...plus it was more of a pain then anything else...

Tuesday: 8am English as usual but since I was in Thomas I decided to check with IST advising to see what the consequences of dropping Roman Civ would be. Found out just needed 24 cr for the year to be a full time! So it was pretty much decided I'd drop as long as I could get the internship credits instead! That definitely made my day. Went to stupid Roman Civ one last time....felt more like 3 hrs than 1 hr 15mins. Luckily there was no HRIM 470 since my teacher was at a technology conference...so instead I watched the snow fall from inside the apartment! I had to rub my eyes to make sure it was really snowing....wtf? I'm convinced that the seasons this year are summer-rain-winter. Yuck. I would have liked some fall to get adjusted to this sucky cold crap. So Tuesday night involved lots of take home exam work....5 essay questions...yikes.... At this point I knew roman civ was history:)

Wednesday: Walked to walker in the snow! Had a meeting about the web page and got the OK from Sven to use GeoVISTA as an internship experience:) Officially got the ok from IST to use it as an internship! So as soon as I got home I dropped it! It was like taking a 10,000 lb weight off my back! The rest of the day involved: College Dems meeting, THON mtg, take home exam h ell to the tune of 5.5 pages single spaced! Finally went to bed around 2:30.

Thursday: Woke up at what I thought to be 7. Got dressed. I thought it was kinda weird that it was still dark out...but just kept moving along. Was getting ready to head out when I just by chance looked at the clock outside in the living room...it said 6:something. I started getting flustered...which was right? Then I checked amy's clock and it said 6:something too....so i still had more time for sleeping! I immediately plopped back in bed and reset my clock so it was the correct time. Woke up at 7:15ish and this time it was really that time. Went to English and wanted to stab my eyes the entire period because it was sooooo boring and I was to the point of painful exhaustion. Before Poly Sci I bought a 16 oz coffee to get me through. In poly sci, there were two guys that dressed as the blue man group which was cool (aka guys in the intel commercial;)). When I came home after since I didn't have roman civ, I tried to sleep but my heart was beating fast and I was wired due to the caffeine! Went to HRIM 470 and there was a guest speaker. On the way to HRIM, there was a scary, angry pink bunny. It was running around stalking people. I did not like it. had a pop quiz in poly sci...easy stuff. Tonight I ended up going to the Gman with Laura and a few other peeps...it was fun. Got hit on by a bumblebee:-o haha.

I have more to say but I'm beat. Lots hanging over my head but hopefully I'll be able to get it out soon!

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