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And we wonder why athletes get bad reps at college...

As if it wasn't bad enough for Rasheed Wallace to get a scholorship to UNC (pretty damn prestigious school for academics) with a 700 SAT score, the NCAA decided that wasn't low enough to allow everyone to get a chance. One can now get a 400SAT score and be recruited to play at a school! For those not in the light, a 400 is equivalent to getting NO RIGHT ANSWERS on the SATS. Zip, nadda, nothing. Now, I'm all for giving everyone a chance, but come on....even the worst schools should be able to develop someone enough to get one measly question right on the SATs. Think about it....I'm sure most of you reading this got somewhere over 1000. Think about how difficult it would be to not getting a single question right. Ridiculous right? For us, we have to get over 1000 to get a realistic chance at a good school...many times now more towards 1100-1200. My hope is that...though this is the rule...that when it gets released publically that some high schooler did horrible on his SATs schools worry about damaging their reputations more than money. Somehow I'm guessing I'm wrong....we couldn't be that lucky. Now, for those student athletes that actually do the student part, kudos to you! This is more for the ones that use it as a "minor leagues." Don't take a spot that is definitely deserved to the kid that actually knows what to do with a college education!

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