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Another weekend in the books...

Well, since the server is down here at work it gives me time for an update. This weekend was decent, as in it was good but not the best. Friday I only had to work till noon since the system admin decided it would be the perfect time to vacation to Florida (boy was he good at his choice (ahem first snow). After lunch, I made sure to get Amy's lab in on time then turned in my internship papers. At which point, it decided it needed to snow/rain again. Ugh. Luckily, Laura picked me up since I was accompanying her on a few errands. We ended up going to the Nittany Mall (if you call it a mall), and I found a pack of polar fleece gloves, hat, and scarf for $8.99! Go me! I decided I should go for it since I have nothing currently to keep me warm:) We also stopped at Wal*Mart for super important purchases...like majorly discounted Halloween candy and dvds:) I bought m&ms,milky ways, and reese's fast breaks as well as While You Were Sleeping on dvd. Cutest movie:) Afterwards, headed back to the apartment for some r&r before Carrie's surprise party. Headed over to Carrie's place around 7:30 since that is when we were supposed to get there. Naturally I was the first one to arrive since I was on time. A few others came. The funny part was the "surprise" part. We were talking about what we should do when she arrives (since the roomie was supposed to tell us when she's coming up). However, as we're doing that, Carrie just walks in and is in shock///and we just go SURPRISE! I guess it was funnier to be there;) She seemed happy about the surprise:) The first couple hours was just a few selected guests which was cool. Then around 10 it was the open party. Soooooooo many people showed up and I don't think Carrie or her roommates knew most of them. Overall, quality time:)

Saturday: Slept in till 11am which rocked the house! Sleeping in felt sooooooooo good. Ended up going to the game with Justin since Amy was hanging out with Martin. It was soooooooooo cold! Stupid 3:30 games:( The game was cool...as we won 18-7 and clinched bowl elgibility. LJ also broke his own single game rushing record...with 279 yards rushing:) Came home feeling numb...this is even with gloves, a hat, two pairs of sock---one regular and one wool. When I came home, Martin and Amy were hard at work in the kitchen making some chili^_^ Thanks again^_^ It was the hottest chili I've had in a while. It made my lips burn and my face turn bright red! That's when you know it's some damn good chili! Martin left the recipe for us too^_^ Yay, thanks Martin^_^ After dinner, we decided to head to the HUB for Signs. This was filmed right in my backyard practically...well 20 mins away. So that was kind of cool. I enjoyed it. It wasn't the best film, but it did do a good job of creating tension and it was just enjoyable. After the movie, we headed back to the apartment and I just chilled for a bit. I was pretty beat and ended up going to sleep around 1 to Seinfeld:)

Sunday: Woke up around 10. Ended up going to Damons with Amanda for some football action. She wanted to see the Bills played since only the steelers play here. Thank goodness the Eagles are in the other league or I might have to start kicking some ass;) Anywho, the Bills had a rough game losing 38-7:( The Eagles won 19-13 over the Bears to go to 6-2:) Yay! The food was good and it was just relaxing. I also had a guy come up to me and compliment me for being a girl, wearing a mcnabb jersey, and staying the whole time^_^ Hell yeah! After the game, headed home to get ready to go the gym with Nicole. We ended up lifting weights. It felt good to be using those muscles that I forgot were there. However, right now I am feeling the after effects...ouch...sore...hence mr. sore icon. Came home and showered...wished Martin a safe trip back. Pretty much slacked the rest of the night watching good tv like Simpsons and Malcolm in the Middle (Amy's random show). Did some other stuff before bed...then bed around 12:45-1.

So here I am...another Monday. 11 days of class left. And really sore. Oh and I found out what that horrible evil pink bunny was!
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