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This pretty much goes along with Amy's attitude. I'm not sure what's going on but I'm not too fond of it. This is NOT directed at anyone in particular and probably is something I need to follow as well. If you take it personal, you shouldn't. This is directed towards anyone with a brain:) Yep, including monkeys and domukuns! It just goes along with things that are going on in my life right now. Has everyone forgotten the feelings after September 11th? I don't mean it as a cliche but seriously....it seemed like everyone had a new attitude on life. To respect everyone and realize that you need to be there on both sides of the street. People saw friends and family as first and foremost in life...even before jobs. People were leaving jobs to be closer to family! I should have not been so naive as in to think everyone would see things differently as I have. It was a good for a while but now it's back to the same shit. It seems a lot of not giving a damn is going around...

No one says thank you for things anymore....it's such a simple word...takes less than 2 seconds...and it's cheap! How many things can one say that about? So Thank you everyone...i'm not sure for what but just thanks;)

I just want everyone to know that you guys rock! And without you, life would just suck:P Can you imagine....it would be like walking around a cardboard box and not knowing the way out. Ok. Maybe not. But still:) In case you don't know, I thank you for every time you've been there for me....and I hope I can be there for you:-D Friends are my rock up here at school since this is my first extended time away from family. It's a great living experience....and I feel it's given me a good sense of how life will be. People are different. Don't think that you know the person because if you don't suspect it....it could come back and get you. Another thing I've learned, college isn't any different from junior high or high school or probably life. I've learned that I need to be there for myself...because there are very few that really will be there for you...and to those...they are the "true" friends....the people that will be there when I graduate. And really, you guys are my rock;)

Honesty and truth. This is still the foundation of everything. Don't be untrue to yourself....be honest. It may suck at the moment but do you have any idea how much better it makes things to do it right away instead of waiting? I do.

I hope this doesn't sound like a feel bad for myself...because it's not. It's my feelings about everything right now. Maybe it's just emotions getting the most of me...with the stress of school, jobs, and other life aspects. Just be nice to a random person today...you just never know what that may do.... And as Amy said, a simple thank you can go a long way.

I live each day. I live to explore. I live to enjoy. I live to be the best that I damn well can be! I'm going out to conquer this day....how about you?

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