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London bridge is falling down....

So I haven't written in a while....so sue me. It's been pretty busy and hectic around my neck of the woods the past few days. The nice part is that right now I'm in the clear pretty much until finals in respect to school crap. So what's been going on....I think I left off with terrible thursday....so then there was wonderful Friday...

Friday: The usual work till 3 thing. Then Nicole picked me up from work so we could go chill at her place. Rachel came too. Nicole wanted me to help her pick out clothes for when she went for her interview down in VA. So if I can't get an interview, why not help pick clothes:) So we get there and apparently her roommate has been missing since Tuesday evening. Normally, it's cool if you don't see a roommate a day or so but when he didn't come home and also gave away his computer...that got shady. So the police ended up calling saying they think he left the country and went to France according to one of his friends. Turns out he was supposed to buy his brother (who was coming from San Fran) and his g/f (coming from NJ) tickets for the game. They both ended up showing up and naturally the roommate wasn't there. So that was odd....because they had no idea what to do with them? Turns out the roommate went to France to try and join the French Foreign Legions! I am not kidding...sounds ridiculous. So yeah Rachel and I ended up going home shortly after that due to the awkwardness of the situation. That night ended up going bowling with Nick, Sarah, Peter, and Justin. It was fun to say the least. Nick whipped our butts the first game....he had 150 or something. Then he blamed his back for his troubles the second game...a likely story;) Peter gets the award for the night. He was so funny once he found a rhythm that worked. He'd run up in little steps, do a huge leg kick type thing and then throw it...and somehow it would be dead on 90% of the time. Ridiculous. After 2 games, we ended up going back to Nick's to chill. Stouty and his friends were there too. Justin ended up helping out on a prank by talking on the phone to some girl saying he was from Notre Dame. He did a pretty darn good job:P Around 2, I headed back to get some shut eye. I was out in about 5 seconds. Apparently the fire alarm went off, people were running in and out of my apartment, and amy was watching something on her computer real loud...and she asked if I heard anything...heh. Guess not:-D When I sleep, I really sleep:)

Saturday: My parents showed up around noon. I went with them...we ended up going to their friends tailgate up by Snyder Hall. Met up with the gang for the game at 2:30 (Amy, Martin, Michelle, Justin, Tim, Nicole, and Ryan). It was a ton of fun. Our seats were out by the 40 yard line which kicked ass:-D PSU ended up kicking some Virginia booty to the tune of 35-14...which was closer than it really was. After the game, Nicole and I met up with my parents for dinner. We went to the Allen St Grill for dinner. Ended up being around an hour wait. We had drinks at the bar...let me say heifervisens are real good:-) I got some kind of chicken for dinner and it rocked. After I got back, I was beat from the long day and pretty much chilled the rest of the night.

Sunday: Met up with my parents for breakfest at the Waffle Shop. MMMMM strawberry waffle MMMM. We walked college avenue and ended up buying tons of hanukkah presents (it's the day after Tgiving this year!). It's so funny to watch my parents too...,my dad has to be the most inflexible person I know. He gets so impatient and my mom gets so mad at him about it. My mom also hates the leaving part:( I tried to tell her it's not long before I'm home again! Anyway around 1:30 they headed home and I headed back to study. Had that stupid paper and test to worry about. Ended up watching my Eagles stink up the place and then attempted to do work. Really ended up watching Simpsons, Malcolm in the Middle, and the Practice:P Headed to bed around 1.

Monday: Skipped work to study and attend an info session. I actually got a ton of work done. Went to the special IST Vanguard Info Session which was kinda useful I suppose. I got to talk to Rosie which was good to straighten out internship stuff and also got my resume out. Gotta keep trying ya know? While I was walking, I heard a huge thump behind me. I look behind me and a squirrel was sitting there...it had fallen out of the tree! haha! It almost looked embarrassed about what had transpired:P Went to the gym with Laura afterwards for kickboxing. That was so awesome. What a wonderful Monday thing to do. Nothing beats punching and kicking eh? She ended up buying me a Cheesesteak at Louies for dinner (thanks^_^). Came home afterwards to cram like there was no tomorrow. Crashed around midnight.

Tuesday: Here we are. Turned in the paper and took the exam. It wasn't too horrible. It's rainy and miseranble but such is life. Everyone is getting sick again...naturally ended up next to the guy hacking up a lung at my exam:(

Not much else to report...Olive Garden tonight^_^

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