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Evil Whore weekend

I suppose the weekend wasn't that bad. But I will leave you to be the judge...

Friday: I made it through the full day of work unlike Wednesday when I felt like I was going to collapse. Left at 3 for the start of another weekend:) Came home and ended up napping for a few hours. Missed out on Seoul Garden with Nick, Sarah, Steve and Jarett:( But the good news is they stopped by later on that evening:-D Ended up watching Grosse Pointe Blank (amy's fav movie ever)....I think everyone understood why it's an Amy movie due to the random nature and kicking ass of it....and John Cusack;) Hands off people...he's Amy's:P After went over to Nick's for a bit since he wanted to make Ameretto Sours for everyone (not me since I was taking meds). We also watched the Yoda kicking ass part of Star Wars Episode II:P It was cool to catch up with everyone...been a while. After that, everyone was pretty beat and split ways. So I went back to chill with Amy and Anthony. They were pondering a movie and asked if I was interested...I mentioned a comedy would be nice. Ended up renting Lock, Stock, and 2 barrels. Only problem was after 11pm I seem to have the attention span of a 2 yr old watching a movie...so I kinda slept through half of it:-/ Around 3 finally went to bed after wasting some more time on the computer....

Saturday: Woke up around 11:45. Thankfully no home football game since the weather sucked. Another nor'easter. Was going to try and get some work done before the game but we all know how well that works out...not. We kicked ass during the game....LJ ran wild again for 325 yards:-D PSU 58 indiana 25. After the game, I decided it'd be cool to try and get tickets for Harry Potter since we couldn't get through to the movie theatre. So I told everyone I was on my way to pick them up since my car was just downstairs. Wellll...went downstairs...turned the key and got a not so nice grinding noise. ...uh oh.... So I thought ok....let it sit a second...just needs a break. Try again. Nothing. Decide to go upstairs and see if Nick is around. He is and tries to help me get my car started by using jumper cables. Again this doesn't work:( So now I'm pretty pissed because a) I can't get out to the theatre to get tix for harry potter and b) my car is broken. So annoying especially after I just got the car checked out a month ago! So Nick fortunately is nice enough to drive us to lot 80 to get brian's car. He drives out to the movie theatre by the mall and naturally sold out. However, there were still tix available at the bellefonte movie theatre. Fortunately we didn't drive 15 mins out for nothing or someone may have felt the wrath of lis. We got tickets for the 10:15 show. Came back for a few mins and I was able to get in contact with Nick to give him the low down on what was going on. Harry Potter was awesome! Long but really good. The special effects were neat and it was definitely scarier. The movie theatre was an opera house...kept thinking it was the german opera house but it was the garmon opera house:P Got home around 1:45 and it was time for bed again....

Sunday: Woke up and it was time to deal with my stupid car. My mom called and told me to try starting it again. Again, I got the same annoying sound so I called triple A to see if they could at least get my car started so I could get to Pep Boys. So around 12:15 Triple A arrived and was able to get my car started. Drove to Pep Boys and was able to get my car in for a battery replacement. One thing to mention is I was reminded of that I am indeed in hickville....the car that was in front of mine when I parked...it's license plate: "Forget 911...use a .357"...*sigh*. This was a cool 80 and change replacement:( So an hour later or a bit longer....with some gun thing on the television annoying me....it was done. I thought ok not too horrible...could have been worse. Not so fast. Turns out the alternator belt was cracked too and I should get that replaced too! OK, now I was getting pissed. I'm stuck at Pep Boys...next to some guy that probably has smoked 3 cartons of cigarettes in the past day.....with the gun thing on tv. I was ready to scream. This procedure would be another 2 hours...lovely. So my 3 hours of happiness on Sunday was going down the tubes...instead of my Eagles...I had the NRA preaching to me or something. Fortunately Ian was kind enough to tell me to call him if I needed a reprieve. So he picked me up and we headed to Damons to watch some football:) My Eagles ended up kicking ass and winning but naturally at a cost (did anything not suck today)....McNabb broke his ankle:( Probably out for the rest of the regular season. Wonderful. So after the game went back to pay for the rest of the damage. Couldn't find my credit card and was freaking out...turns out I left it at Pep Boys the first time. Oi. So the second procedure was another 80 or so....money I really didn't want to have to spend after finalizing spring break. Freaking cars. Finally got home around 4:30PM....about 4 1/2 hours after I started this damn thing. I hate cars. They need one that just works forever. I don't care if it is the fugliest car on the planet...if it never breaks down, I'm happy. So now I have to get started on one of my five papers....hopefully my computer doesn't blow up now....or I think I may just go home...ha. This Sunday sucks. The End.

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