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Bridges Runner

OK it's official...

OK it's official...

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people are officially dumb. For those that didn't see it...National Geographic released the results from a poll they had.

People are dumbasses!

How do 11% of Americans quizzed not know where the USA is on a map????

one response: even my hick septic inspectors know where to find USA on a map and they cant even tie their shoes

take the quiz to see how ridiculous it is....

The quiz

People really are dumb. Meanwhile, I must attend to my English paper.
  • Ok, normally this claim of 11% of americans not knowing where we are on a map would anger me...

    ..That is, till I took the test.

    Did you see the numbers on the maps?? It was insane, I had to squint and even start fiddling with the monitor controls to make it come out legible. The picture of the map was a horrible one that made me have trouble figuring out how each country was numbered. Hell, I know where every country is, but I dont think that survery was a fair one at all.

    Not to mention I want to know how many americans were surveyed and what part of the population they were? What was the age spread? How is their vision? Were they given the same test results? I could on doubting this but you get the idea...
    • Re:

      It was 300 18-24 year olds. Give me a break. I bet they could have said THAT ONE. Don't give them that much credit:P
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