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I can almost smell the turkey....

Here I sit....mere hours before going home for the rest of the week:-D Man, I really need out of this place. It's not what anyone did...or anything of that nature...but more of I just need my space. It definitely will be nice to see my grandparents and cousins from Florida too since I don't get to see them much. Not to mention I will get to witness their first experiences with snow...

Anywho, I suppose a quick recap is in order eh?

Friday: I came home from work and man was I happy to see a weekend. It's like reaching the top of a mountain and jumping up and down! Ended up taking a nice 2 hour nap....mmmm. Around 6, I headed over to Amanda's for Strawberry Daquiri Night:-D For those that don't know, I'm well known for my daquiris:) Anywho, it was a nice chill night. We watched Happy Gilmore and Emperor's New Groove. Had good times mixing drinks....and teaching people how to take shots with apple pucker;-) It was nice to chill with Amanda...it had been a while. Around 1, I left because she had to get up for her teacher's exam that morning:P It ended up snowing on the way home and passed a good deal of people that were not just drunk...but "retarded" (I mean that figuratively....not trying to make an association with any type of people). But seriously, people were bumping into me and just being asses.

Saturday: Woke up and got ready for SENIOR DAY. Holy shit....it was my senior day too!!!!!!!! I met up with Adam and his friends up at the stadium around 1:30PM. Amy, Brian, and Ryan were brave souls and came along. One thing to mention it was FREEEEEEEEEEZING cold....the kind of cold that you can't feel limbs by the end of the day:P We ended up getting the sucky senior seats because they changed the order of the ticket booths. Bastards. 5th row though...nothing wrong with that:P The game was awesome. LJ was unfrigginbelievable. Ran for 279 yards...275 in the first half!!!!!! So he broke 2000 after 264 which was in the 1st half...ridiculous! Can you say LJ for Heisman? I CAN! We left after the 3rd quarter because it was a) 54-7 by then and we were going to get hypothermia pretty soon;) Thank goodness for hand and foot warmers or else I would have been there:) Michigan State looked more like a high school team than a Division I Big Ten team..sad. But good for us:) Turns out FSU lost too...and since Ohio State beat Michigan we'll play in a New Year's Day Bowl. Most likely the Capital One (Citrus) Bowl. That night I went out with Carrie to the Crowbar. Shady old alumni guys bought us drinks and we didn't drink them jsut because we didn't see it come from the bar. Shady. Steamroller Picnic was a pretty cool band. The lead singer was kinda cute and really built:-D Around 1, we left because Carrie started to feel icky.

Sunday: Woke up and it was ugh it is work day:( I honestly only remember doing work....English and HRIM mostly. Oh yeah went Supermarket shopping too so we had some food:P Watched the Simpsons and Malcolm in the Middle. Yay.

Monday: Work till 3. Then I ended up napping for a little bit. Last night I went to Adam's for MNF Eagles vs 49ers. Shockingly, my Eagles crushed the 49ers 38-17! This is with our starting qb out and then our 2nd string dislocating his elbow. Oye. Anywho, good food, good times, low stress. Always a good thing. Went to bed around 3 since I didn't have English this morning:-)

So now I am off to my final duties as a student before break....YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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