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Ford Truck Man commercial

I hate the ford truck man commercial. Let me rephrase that: I LOATHE the ford truck man commercial. Every time I see it, the more I want to do mean things to that man. It is the worst commercial of all time. Pisses me off and as Melissa told me "I'm going to run him over with a dodge." What other suggestions do people have? I'm sure everyone has seen it.....
I think I"ll kick him in the shins really hard...then Melissa will run him over with a dodge. What else? ;)

Other than that things are good. Got my hair cut for the first time since I left for school which meant my hair was really gross. Feels much better now:) Had a nice home cooked dinner and now starts the time where the family slowly starts to drive you nuts:) Oh but you know I love them:)

So, everyone, Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Eat lots of turkey and sleep a lot...and watch some football too! Be thankful for what you have...I know I am;) I'll be thankful when they take the Ford commercial off the tv:)

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