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Thanksgiving...gobble gobble gobble!

So Thanksgiving has come and passed. It was pretty nice, not as relaxing as usual, but a lot of fun. So let's see...

Tuesday after class I bee lined for the apartment to grab my keys and head down to the car. It was a race to beat the snow down the mountains:) So by 445 I was at the apartment, and called Carrie telling her to be ready. It was already starting to snow so I wanted to get out as soon as possible. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to leave till wednesday. Fortunately, she was ready to go and we were out of there. The ride was longer than expected due to wonderful traffic on 322 by Fishing Creek...my favorite part about that...waited an hour or so in traffic and then there's nothing there. The traffic is just gone??? So after a 5+ hour drive I was finally home! My grandparents and parents were there to greet me. THat was nice:)

Wednesday: Woke up to a smattering of snow...just enough to cover the grass. It looked pretty but I heard SC got about 3-6 inches. Definitely wouldn't have driven home in the dark in that. Anyway, Wednesday is the traditional cook Tgiving dinner in my house day. I helped make the world famous sweet potatos and the brownies. My grandparents were so cold since they live in south Florida...cold to them is 60:P They used to live in the Boston area about 30 yrs ago...then made the move:) I can't remember anything big going on that day. My brother came in and stayed till Saturday afternoon. It's a world record! We ended up watching the new West Wing on that night.

Thursday: THANKSGIVING! My aunt, uncle, and cousins came in from Cape Cod around noon. We picked up another cousin at the train station. The house had that wonderful Thanksgiving smell...just no way to match it. No Yankee Candle can make it into a candle! My mom made this HUGE turkey in the nesco she got (some cool thing that cooks the turkey). This bird was huge...but considering 13 people were going to be there, it made sense. Around 2, my mom mom and aunt showed up for dinner. My mom mom made her usual gargantuan salad...this thing was made for an army, not 13 people:P My aunt brought the lemon marangue pie. Around 4 we sat down to eat. I had salad, turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, sweet potato pie, rolls, and some wine:) MMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Dessert rocked too. We had apple pie, lemon marangue, and brownies with hot drink. My grandpop kept leaving the room to see how the Patriots were doing. heh...football. After dinner, my dad and I ended up falling asleep on the couch...darn triptophane (sp?). Redskins ended up losing so now the Eagles looked to be in great shape for the division. The rest of the night was hanging out...and then sleeeeeeeeeep because BLACK FRIDAY was coming:)

BLACK FRIDAY: No crazy wake up at the azz crack of dawn this year. Ended up leaving after 9:P Went to the Oxford Valley Mall and it actually wasn't too nuts. Ended up getting a few good deals...like a sweater for 10 bucks and a pea coat for 40 from Sears. My cousins were looking for a black skirt and white blouse for their choir concert. I didn't understand why they wanted to look so hard since you wear it once, maybe twice, then probably don't use it. Ended up looking at every freaking skirt in the whole mall. I did end up with two new pairs of gap jeans for under 20 bucks with the coupons and such we had:) yay! Around 3, we finally left since I knew we had to get my mom home so we could get her out of the house before the party!

Around 5, my aunt and my grandmom went with my mom to dinner. We knew we were in good shape when my mom had jeans and a sweater on...with no makeup! After they left, it was time to shift to party gear! We straightened up the bottom half of the house since everyone would be there. The caterers came around 6...turns out one of the girls I was in high school with...so that was kind of cool. I changed into some nice clothes to look like the perfect hostess:) Between 7-730 everyone started coming. The usual questions were asked: How's the job search going...school..etc...yadda yadda yadda. Around 8, my aunt called to say they were on their way home. 8:15 comes. Turns out the door is locked and my mom is having trouble finding her keys...can't figure out why no one is answering the door. She opens the doors to the family room and there we all are. Her first words to my dad were "This is the meanest thing you have ever done to me" hehehe. It was awesome! We got her so good! I got some pictures too:) So the rest of the night I mingled and ate good food...drank a couple Mike's...and then that was that. Around midnight, it cleared out. I was beat! Sleepy time:P

Saturday: This was the relaxation day. I decided that I was not doing anything but laying around for the day. My mom asked me if I wanted to go to the mall again...but I declined. Ended up giving my mom her bday gift early since I wasn't sure when my bro would be around again. We got her a nice digital camera...Kodak DX-4900..4 megapixels! She was shocked but loved it. Saturday night we went to this pizza place in Southampton...it was good stuff. After pretty much came home and vegged out again. My aunt and mom made black and white cookies...they now understand why it's a buck a piece. Those things are high maintanance! I watched Spiderman the movie with my dad. What a good one!

Sunday: All the relatives cleared out. Parents left at 11. I left at noon. Got in around 3....yay non 5 hour trip. Ended up watching the Eagles game instead of doing work. Eagles won and now are at 9-3...with a 3 game lead over the NY Giants. Yay. Ended up picking Adam up from the airport then meeting Nicole at Applebees since Greenbowl closed early:( Amy wasn't back yet so I met up with Nicole and Brian. It was ok...slow service tho. Got in and Amy was back. Already doing laundry;) I ended up watching tv the rest of the night and doing no work really. Probably a bad move on my part:( Oh well around 12:30 I packed it in...and headed to bed..

So here we are at Monday...freezing cold and gray and miserable. Same crap....all the time. See why I want to move south;) Highs not getting above 22 the next few days...that should be nice... Writing papers like my job...yucky:(

Countdown to Carribbean: 20 days!!!

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