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Hello from the Carribbean Sea!

Well I promised you and here I am from the ship updating my LJ:) Who knew internet connections happen in the middle of the sea!

Anyway, things are great so far! Everyday I wake up and it's sunny and at least 85...man this is the life! I'm moving down here as I hear a foot or two of snow was dropped up north:) Hehehehe...I knew that was going to happen.

Anyways here's a recap of the trip so far...

Sunday: Woke up at 445 in the pitch black with the biggest smile on my face...you know the kind that you can't take off. Left for the airport at 515 and arrived around 6...and it was packed! I think a lot of people had the right idea about getting out before the snow;) Anywho, flight was supposed to leave at 815 but we didnt' leave till after 9 due to the amount of people on the flight. It was packed! I watched About a Boy on the flight down and poof we arrived around 1pm their time (hour ahead).

Let me tell you when we arrived at the ship, holy moly. This is ONE BIG ASS SHIP! I think it is in the top 3 as far as biggest cruise ships in the world. Therre is an ice skating rink, inline skating, a rock climbing wall, mini golf..etc. Lots of bars too:)

The ship didn't depart till 10pm while we were at dinner. And they don't kid when they say dinner is TONS of food. They give you a menu and you can order ANYTHING off the menu and AS MUCH AS YOU WANT! It is absolutely insane!!! I can't remember what I ate this night but of course it was delicious.

Monday: Sea day. Woke up around 10 and looked out our balcony to a beautiful blue sea and a warm and happy sun (what's that in SC). Went up to the sea deck and pretty much did the chill thing all day. Brought my book...napped....swam....in some kind of order like that. Watched a beautiful Carribbean sunset...absolutely breathtaking. Dinner was at 830 and it was yummy as usual. All this vacationing has made me forget what I ate:P Went to bed around midnight to get up at 630am for the bikeride in Aruba.

Tuesday: ARUBA! Guess what...sunny and warm again! So we woke up to go bike riding at 830am but there was one problem...the tickets said 1pm! So we woke up early for no reason...oh well walked around Aruba giong in the shops of Oranjestad. Around 11:30 we headed back to the ship and got ready to go mountain biking.

The mountain biking took place on the very scenic part of the island where there are no roads...just rocks and dirt. It was tough,,,10 miles in that stuff with lots of hills. So around the end I'm turning a corner and lose control of my bike...go flying off it. Break my fall with my hands as my elbow and right knee skid across the dirt. Not a pretty situation as my knee is bleeding like crazy and so is everything else that skidded. My dad just kept on riding and Ariel and Jeff (from the family that came with us) tried to notify my dad as I was down. It was funny because it was almost like my dad was saying "see you at the finish line." hehe. Ended up riding in the back truck that followed for a little bit then finished the last part which was on a road. At least I didn't fall on my face!

Dinner was excellent....lamb roast, shrimp cocktail, salad and some kind of delicious dessert.

Wednesday: Caracao. It's a cute island owned by the Dutch so all the houses are in different colors. Saw the oldest synagogue in the Western Hemisphere. Not much here.

Came back and chilled the rest of the day.

Dinner: Beef Wellington, shrimp cocktail, salad, chocolate mousse!
My dad had 7 chocolate mousse's...hahah

After dinner the Golds and us went up to the top deck which overlooks the sea for drinks. Amazing what happens when the rents have a little liquor. I had a toasted almond frozen and a cosmopolitan. mmm mmm

So that's about it for now...gotta go as this is expensive! Tomorrow is St Maartan then Saturday is St Thomas. Sunday I have to go back:(:( I don't want snow and winter:(:( For now it's all smiles:)

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