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Bridges Runner

Random thoughts

Random thoughts

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I am 58% addicted to AOL IM....not as bad as I thought:)

Things have really gone haywire...Amy has a cell phone! In Japan of course:P hehe...

One week from now I'll be in Rec Hall...with a lot of hours to go:P You guys best come visit me...and oh...I take no responsibility for anything I say/do after 24 hrs:)

Garbage disposals are evil.

I am not an alcoholic....just like to drink socially. 40s nights are fun.

Chinese food is good.

Is it possible to O.D. on H20? I think I may be testing this one...everyone has seen the massive 1.5 liter bottle i drink everyday:) Just call me Lake Greenberg....hehe.

Fur Elise is interesting as a techno remix,..as is Ode to Joy.

I feel better now that our country is getting back to worrying about things like Skate Gate and Dubya chokin' on a pretzel. See who knew....Dubya providing comic relief:)

Asian TA's can be a pain. I have no problem with them but when you have one that teaches your 400 level class...that kinda sucks.

Finally...midterms still suck. Am I really gonna care to compare the Minoans and Myceneans? Apparently.
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