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New Year is here....

Well now we are officially in 2003....you know what that means....graduation year for me! Oye vey! Anywho, I got a good feeling about this one since 2002 went lousy for Fall semester:P Don't worry be happy:) New years was ok...not great but decent. I guess it just feels like new years is the same for me every year. I sit there...watch the ball drop and the year changes. Must be my tradition:P

This year's edition of sit there and watch the ball drop:
Laura invited me to Ben's since he was having some people over. I had no other plans scheduled since I really do not hang out with many people from home anymore. Anyway, Ben's house is best described as a farm house, you know, similar to the one in Signs;) I can use this example since his house is actually out in the area near where it was filmed:P Anyway, ended up playing a game called Dirty Minds with a bunch of people...lets just say that was interesting. The idea of the game is there is a regular word that people have to get but the clues are framed so that you think of things that are well...dirty:P After that, they put a movie in. And anyone that knows me, knows that movies=instant sleeping pill if I lay down. It was even Goldmember (the one Austin Powers movie I haven't seen). Was awake to see the ball drop and 2003 was here.

New Years Day was rainy and crappy...kind of like everyday since October? It absolutely poured buckets! So it was perfect weather to stay in and watch football all day long. The most exciting part was the fact that PSU was in a bowl game again. However, that had to be the worst display of football I've seen in a while. LJ was useless. Mills was even worse...his passes were not even close enough to be caught by Jimmy Kennedy (big big man!). Very frustrating game to watch...if the offense could have gotten the ball in the endzone just once we probably would have won..end result 13-9 Auburn:( First loss for the big ten in bowl games:( I think we will have a qb controversy come spring time. We'll see. Very disappointing way to end the season and my PSU career. Glad I didn't end up driving down there to watch that abysmal performance.

My mom made chili for dinner which was delicious as usual:) After that I went to watch the rose bowl but it was pretty boring and I ended up napping on the couch with my dad for a couple hours. Woke up around 9. Turned out that my dad's secretary at work called out for today so here I am as the sub. Aren't I a nice daughter;)

As the new year begins, I'm back to one of my favorite songs from when I first entered college: Black Balloon by Goo Goo Dolls. My favorite part:
"And there's no time for left for losin'
When you stand, they fall"

This year is going to be the one of no time for losing...bring it on...I am not taking the fall this year!

I don't like resolutions so I kind of look at things as goals for 2003:
1) Get a full time job for after I graduate (i'd love one SOUTH...WARMTH)
2)Graduate! This one should be self explanatory:P
3) Be able to watch a parade down Broad Street in Philadelphia (i'm thinking end of January would be great;))
4)Find something that truly makes me happy...I think I'm still searching for this but perhaps I'll find it?
5) Live up the last semester of college!!!!!!!!!

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