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One last time.

Well hard to believe...but my last semester as an undergrad has arrived! weeeeeeee

Anyway, the last week at home was nice and restful. Thursday I left for NYC for a second round interview with Flack+Kurst. Amy came up so that we could take the train up to NYC. The train ride was approx 1 hr 15 mins. Arrived in Penn Station which is right below MSG (Madison Square Garden). Amy and I hiked through NY with our bags and everything...we must have looked like such tourists. Anyway it was before 3 so we couldnt check into our hotel yet. So we wandered a bit and ended up settling with Fridays for a snack. Finally we checked into our hotel...Clarion hotel...it was a skinny building that it looks as if they thought "hmm there's a four inch space...lets put a building there". I was on the 27th floor and Amy was on the 14th. Ended up chilling till dinner at 6pm.

Dinner was at this place called O'Caseys right around the block. Most of the IT staff from Flack+Kurtz was there. The food was great. Had chicken with barley soup, salad, sauteed chicken and cheesecake for dessert as well as a glass of cabernet wine with dinner. I was forced on this one;) It was pretty funny seeing the staff after drinking a few;-) They like to talk a lot but I ended up conversing with a pretty intelligent and funny guy...Charles. We ended up talking about what makes us happy...what makes life tick. Very odd eh? He also ended up telling me about a project he worked on at MSG and elephants were in the way of the telecommunications closet. Started at 6 and we didn't leave till 9:30. wow. Ended up watching ER in the room then trying to sleep. I slept maybe a couple hours solidly...it was ridiculous. I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat normally. sigh.

6:30 comes and out of bed I go. Shower.Get ready. Get to F+K around 8:30. Coffee and bagels. Then a couple presentations....blahdeblah. After that a lady came in to talk about benefits...wow was that odd:P Benefits for mwah. hehe. Anywho, then we got a brief office tour where we stuck out like sore thumbs since it was casual friday:{P Lunch was at a chinese resturant. I was definitely careful on what I ate since interviews were right after lunch:P Ended up picking at some food. It was cool because a PSU grad from August came along to help answer any questions we may have had. She was really cool and helpful. The interview was only 5-10 mins and really not much of one. They said they won't call back for a final interview until April/May. So we'll see... I really liked the company culture and their beliefs:
1) Environmental consciousness: They strive to be the leaders in coming up with the most efficient ways to put in cooling systems.
2)Social Conscience: Feel responsibility to help the community.

After the interview headed back to Penn Station and took the next available train back to Trenton!

The weekend has brought FOOTBALL! Eagles won and now will face Tampa Bay in the NFC championship. Guaranteed Tampa isn't thrilled about going to the Vet again:P

This morning went to breakfast and met my brothers g/f. That was an experience to say the least. Lets just say I hope he gets some sense. First off, she is UGLY. She's 2 years younger than I am (he's 26). She's not Jewish. She is a waitress and doesn't even know if she's going to college. And she's just yuck. It was the most awkward hour i've ever spent with my brother:P

So that's about it. Last semester begins tomorrow. It's cold and miserable as usual here in SC. The Caribbean seems years ago....

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