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Last first day of classes

Well today rang in the spring semester. Only had one class...

HRIM 495A: This is a once a week class since it is an internship. This class is professionally based so I have to dress up for this. However, I do have to go to class and guess what...9 papers to write for this one. I'm kind of scared to know what tomorrow brings. Overall, should be an awesome class....all of the different managers from Penn State Hospitality Services are coming in to talk each class. So this should give me some much needed experience and hopefully help me apply towards the job arena:) I was pretty happy to arrive and my friend Lauren from HRIM 350 was there too. She's an executive intern for Human Resources. The usual syllabus crap occurred and I finally met with Tim Shuey to get the job stuff situated.

Man was it cold today. The cold that makes your ears hurt and goes right through to the bone. And I got back on the plane to come home from San Juan because??? haha.

Anyway, after class I came home for a quick breather before heading back out. I had to head to the Penn Stater for paperwork stuff. I was able to finalize things so that the IRS can take more of my money and they can contact my parents if a computer falls on my foot. You know how it is:P I met some more of the kids that are interning as well. One guy, Marcello, is from Brazil. He was asking himself why he is in Central PA instead of there where it never goes below 60. haha. I also got my name tag. It's all silver and pretty...and magnetic...snazzy. So now I won't have to poke holes through my suit. How about that? I did my good deed for the day by driving 3 people home...I was not making them stand out at the bus stop, That’s JUST MEAN!

So that's day 1...day 2 includes: Judo, IST 440W, HRIM 471. Started my ART 002 junk...what a joke:P Going to drop soc 005 so I don't have 4 classes in a row...I just can't do that!

Stay warm out there...this is bone chilling stuff...

Oh and

GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!

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