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And so it goes.

Well my last syllabus day is in the books. I call it the intimidation day. I mean really all that occurs is you get told the massive amounts of work that will be done in a 15 week period...oh boy:P

So here's the rundown:

Judo: This is my ESACT class...my thank goodness I have it class:P It separates the hell that are 400 level (more like graduate 500 levels:P). Anyway, today was intimidation day. Our teacher tried to intimidate anyone away that was just there to get an esact credit and not to try. It should be interesting. Most of the class is based on attendance/participation....he seemed to acknowledge that not everyone will be great at it, but you have to show effort. There was a nice assortment of people of all different sizes. I think he good news is that most seemed to not have much if any martial arts experience. I think it should be a fun class...certainly a nice break!

IST 440W: The dreaded W class. This is the one where I'm glad I took English 202 last semester! This class is entirely GROUP BASED. He compared sorting to the sorting in Harry Potter. I'm in the purple group and I think I am with a decent group...lets hope so! 50%+ of the class is GROUP. So I'd say for the capstone for IST...it is YOU WILL WORK IN GROUPS AND LIKE IT! The big project is something with Lockheed Martin. great. Very slide oriented it seems....zzzzzzzzz

HRIM 471: This is for support of option/completion of my minor. I walked in and there was another kid there that wasn't in my 470 class which is a prereq for 471. So he ran out as soon as he heard about what this class really is. That brought the grand total to 3 people in this class. The good news is that since there are 3 people we can change the time period it meets at. Instead of the awful 4:15-5:30 slot, we're meeting at 2:40 in the prof's office. woohoo! So I'll be done at 4:) This class seems like it will definitely involve a lot of work as any 400 level should. However, it gets very technical and seems to be a great course to gain insight on hospitality systems specifically. Group project in this class...of course the group contains the 3 people in the class:P

So that's it...last classes as an undergrad:-D Still no word on my internship from last semester....maybe before May?

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