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It's a sad song in Philly once again...

Going to San Diego...
Outcoached. Outplayed. Staying home.

Not much more needs to be said. A few comments however on a disgraceful game played by the Eagles:

First off....Andy Reid needs to learn to take the button off of CONSERVATIVE tactics. If there's one flaw in his system, he gets a bit too conservative. They did not extend the field to force tampa to play defense. They didn't blitz at all in the first half. They didn't play the game that got them there. It would be a little easier to swallow if I thought they played their game and LOST.

Second...I'm more angry with the fact that they played like it was going to be easy and a gift. If anything, they should have learned last year from the rams, that nothing is a given as the rams found out vs the pats.

Third...the play of the Eagles took the fans right out of the game. There was no excitement. No big plays besides the start of the game. Seemed like no hustle especially on that last INT. I mean yeah he probably wouldn't have been caught but still....that was just giving up and in philly that's not cool.

Fourth...anyone else notice Tampa completely expose our linebackers? Gardner is HORRENDOUS. He got burnt so many times today it was sick. Did Barber play? He's much better than either kirkland or gardner. That is an essential area to improve. In addition, tight end! Chad Lewis is dropping waaaaaaaay too many balls...as a tight end your job is to catch balls and block....of which he has shown not too much of this year. I'd like a clear cut #1 receiver....did we hear from any WR's before the fourth quarter? David Boston is a free agent....but then again so is Hugh Douglas. Sad to say...but this could be an interesting off season.

In conclusion, I'd have to say Tampa is definitely getting the last laugh....I'd take losses that many times if it meant the ONE time you win is for a chance to go to the Superbowl. They just came out hungrier and ready to play. The Eagles had a good year but this pretty much makes it a bust. As we have become way to accustomed to in philly...

There's always next year....
*sigh* Off to dream of a superbowl....at least there I win:-D

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