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THON 2K2...a dancer's view

As most of you should know by now, I danced for THON 2002:) For those that may be unaware, THON is the largest student run philanthropy in the world!!! It raises money for the Four Diamonds Fund...a fund for children with cancer. So far, including THIS YEAR, it has raised over 20 million bucks since it first started 30 years ago....

So here it goes...

Friday afternoon: Left around 2PM to meet my awesome partner Jason at Greenbowl for lunch since we knew we wouldn't eat for a while. After lunch we headed up to the Nittany Lion Inn for the meeting before the insanity of 48 hrs progressed. When we got there, we waited and then finally went into a banquet room where we found our number #205 and on our seats were a bunch of free things....like a nice Nike bag, Thon pin, etc. At around 5, we started to head over to Rec Hall....and not just any walk. They had all the morale persons standing in a line on each side of us cheering for us as we headed over to our home for the next two days. It was amazing....if someone doesn't get pumped from that, I don't know how else you would... We unpacked our stuff in our lockers where we would be staying the next two days!! Unfreakenbelievable! At that point, I met my partner Jason out on the floor and stretched....sitting down! You have no idea how nice the idea of sitting down is until you've been on your feet...annnnnnnnyways....

My moraler Katie (WOOHOO! YEAH MORALER!) was on the first shift so that was cool. Jason had not met her yet. I had mentioned how awesome she is so it was cool. She brought us Gatorade and the assault of liquids begin. You know how I felt like Lake Greenberg before? I turned into Ocean Elyssa after this:P Anywho, after a while the National Anthem was sung followed by a short video to pump us up for standing on our feet for 2 days. It was cool how they incorporated a ton of movies into it and even got famous people to talk about how kick ass THON is:)

So then the countdown 10...9...8...7.....1 and I'm on my feet which took every kind of roller coaster known to man kind!

The first memory of Friday night I have is trying to learn the line dance. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am not the most coordinated person in the world when it comes to learning dance moves. Let's just say I was happy that there were 660 others that were as lost as I was...well maybe not everyone but a lot were. Judging from the first line dance I could tell this was going be an awesome line dance. I remember last year's not being very user friendly, well t his one was. Katie knew this dance down pat....so she was trying to show off I think;-) hehhe. It was cool though....even she didn't know every move to it yet:P After that, it was about time to eat....mm nothing like cold pierogis and cold chicken...yech. Not a happy camper about that but I muscled it down...and naturally had my water/Gatorade in my hand. I don't think here was one minute I didn't have some form of drink in my hand. Anyways, pretty much was enjoying myself on the dance floor and getting to know the surroundings. My awesome peeps came to cheer me on and wanted to keep me going! Alicia was the first to come on the floor and she had goodies for Jason and I. It's amazing how the longer I was up, the more I felt like I went down in age...:) My first encounter with a kid was maybe a couple hours into it....I was blowing bubbles from one of the things Alicia gave me and I got tapped on the shoulder. It was a mother of one of the kids....Alaina was the girl's name. She asked if she could use my bubbles for a while. Well, duh! Of course she could...so she was blowing bubbles and having a fantastic time. Seeing the smile across a kid's face like that....absolutely priceless! It is something that had me come and be dancing' for THON 2k2. After, pretty much the same old same old for a while. I couldn't tell you how long cause I lost sight of time pretty quick

Fri night/Sat morning: Somewhere after 1 Emily showed up with my digital cameras for some pictures which was cool. She took 30 some odd pictures. I had just finished traveling the world doing some silly color wars thing. Yeah TEAM YELLOW....GIDDY UP! So that was cool. This was also my first look at the bathroom break and "the walk". A bathroom break is not where you actually go to the bathroom...it is where you slide down a mat of baby powder and get a 10 second massage by people on each side of you. It felt awesome! The walk is where you go through a made up area with mattresses and all kinds of designs./...very well planned out! Very relaxing on the knees and the one opportunity to be outside for a few seconds. Fresh air never felt so good! Next thing I remember is the dead period....there was a time when it was pretty empty and everyone seemed to go home! Naturally, no morale person for a pick me up. I was still going strong mentally but this is when the first signs of foot pain begin. It was so freaking' boring....ever feel like you're going go nuts from boredom? Well this was it! Jason and I ended up playing a full game of war with a pack of cards we got from another goodie bag I got. Oye. I won though:-) So my guess is around 9-10am things started to pick up again. You could see the sunlight which was very exciting.

Well that's just part of it....I'll write more soon once I get the time....I've got a four page midterm to write today:(

Stay tuned!!!!

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