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Bridges Runner

Top 5 worst college text books of all time....

Top 5 worst college text books of all time....

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These are in no particular order since as kenkomachi says each has its own degree of suckiness:

IST 240: That book just sucked. Read maybe one page and never picked it up the rest of the semester. It was all in some weird coding language and general waste of time. Cost of book: approx $50?

IST 230: Discrete Crap...err math. This book had no examples and the ones it did have generally had wrong answers. It really was great combined with the fact that our teacher was a psychologist! Spent 90 bucks for that pos....terrible!

IST 331: Ritter's book. We had to get this packet that Ritter wrote. I don't remember much other than it fell apart and made a mess of the apartment. My purple book for that class smelled like ass so that wasn't a good book either:P

Packets: This goes down for pretty much all those stupid packets you have to buy for a liberal arts class and can't sell back. You hate it when you read it and wish you could sell it back. 60 bucks for something you skim...yikes

IST 440: The project management book. If you are an insomniac, then please read this....you'll be out cold in no time. It makes me want to cry everytime I read this! It's gotten so bad already that my roomie and I split the readings up!

So there you have it....my vendetta against buying books.
  • Yes, those freaking packets must DIE!!!!!!!! I had to buy two of them (technically three as the one class had two packets together) for two of my classes, $44.90 and $68.00 (I haven't bought this one yet as the lovely bookstore ran out of them) on crap I quite possibly will never use again!!!

    And I've had Take a Bow in my head the last two days. I wonder why that is.
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