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It's been a while since I've written about what's been going on in my boring life....so I guess I'll give a little run down.

As it is well known, we had our carpet replaced Friday. We actually got everything into the kitchen for the most part. Nick was nice enough to allow me to store my computer crap and all the wires over there. It still sucked and when everything was moved Amy and I looked at each other sorta like "what do we do now?" There was no TV...no computer....couldn't get into the kitchen. So ended up going to bed around 12:15...I think that's a new record.

Friday I came home from work around 5:30 to the frustration that is my apartment. Nothing was back in the right place and our beds were in the wrong places. Turns out they did find the portable phone that I thought Maggie had lost last spring. hehe. At first I was confused on why this portable phone was there until I put 2 and 2 together. I had to move all the furniture back into its proper place as the coffee table was crooked and one of the tables outside was on the wrong side. Then it was time for the great migration back to its original place. Grumbling and bitching the entire way I did so with the aid of my roomie. We actually got almost everything back into its place within a couple hours or so. DP Dough was in order to celebrate. She ended up going out for the night to Catharsis while I stayed home since I wasn't feeling too well. Ended up getting a massive headache from the new carpet smell. It was awful!!! I opened the windows overnight to allow the awful smell to start to move out....fortunately it wasn't toooo cold. I ended up falling asleep around 10:30PM and sleeping till 11AM the next morning. Guess I was tired eh?

Saturday is well Saturday. Amy and I had discussed heading up to the IM building for our weekly exercise program where I practice some judo and she does some running up on the track (I go along too). She stayed with her 'rents over night in the NLI....can't say I blame her. Although she told me that the bed I originally had was the softer one....oh well...I've got my egg crate soft thing for more padding. Plus I figure I could probably fall asleep on a rock. I think it may be true too. Anywho, ended up waking up to tragedy:( Last tragedy I was awake at the time it happened....but this one I woke up and turned on the TV...thought it was just another space shuttle landing until I realized what was going on:( Soooo freaking sad. Around noon, Amy and her family walked in. Unfortunately Amy got dehydrated from the night before:( So no running for her! I practiced some rolling and throwing though with Erin. I did my first throw^_^ And Amy was there for it...yay! So after that I tagged along with Amy's family to the Waffle shop (thanks again!!!!!!!!!!). It was extremely yummy and I was introduced into the world of corn beef hash. yum yum. That night I ended up going to see Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers finally! It was verrrrrrrrrry good. Much better than the first one I thought....much more action. Frodo is a wuss though...he needs to be kicking some ass like hot elf boy;) Anyway after that went to the sports cafe with Brian for a drink and some foodage. Then it was time for sleep.

Ended up sleeping until 11AM again. I couldn't believe I was sleeping in. Go me! I did laundry too! Went running with Amy in the IM building....did a little over a mile. Yay Amy....you can do it! Then we went on the great mp3 player hunt...but naturally stupid best buy didn't have it and was like "oh we don't know when it will be in." bastards. So then we picked up some foodage at the local Giant so we could start making dinners again. Marinated BBQ chicken, veggies, and a sweet potato for dinner. Any mom would be proud of that variety there. There was much TV to be watched that night and paper writing. Oh yes there was damn paper writing. Sleep occurred around 1:15.

Monday was the usual crapola. I had to stop by M&T due to the stupid ATM eating my check again...grr. Also, to drop off an ATM card I found Sat night when it ate my check. Class was up at the NLI and none of the PowerPoint presentations worked. So they were clueless on what to do with us....and these were the front desk people! Oh well...I got 3 pieces of candy from BINGO played with front desk type words. hehe. Monday night was pretty much summed up by watching scary TV....and reading the evil whore project management book.

Today was a tale of two sides. The morning it rained...yes rain and not snow! It was warm so I wore my regular rain jacket. Off to Judo I went...hoping that I would get thrown right this time. Naturally, one of the girls threw me wrong and now sit here with a nasty stinger in my neck. Sucks. No 440 at least so Amy, Erin, and I had some HUB food before the stupid meeting for 440. where my group was told that the paper level of reading was too high. Who the hell has heard a teacher tell them their paper is too hard to read because it was 12th grade reading level???? Ridiculous. Oh well...got home around 6:15 after my lecture at the NLI and here I am. So yeah that's my boring life in a nutshell’s

See ya later....

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