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So I'm at work. I'm supposed to be here helping someone with DreamWeaver but naturally no one is around. It's pretty annoying but what can you do? Looks like I won't be doing anything till after lunch since she works for Food and Beverage. Those of you not in the loop, this means from about 10-2 these people are running around like fools to satisfy everyone's appetites:P

Anywho, this week has been the usual blech times 3. I've been sick since last Friday with the cold that just doesn't want to go away. Last Friday I woke up and I knew it had arrived. I could feel the aches and pains associated with "the cold." Immediately I called my supervisor to call out. I decided they would rather not get sick and join my misery:P Ended up sleeping till 10ish which made me feel a tad better. My mom arrived around 1pm...she was coming up for her nurses conference at the Penn Stater. We went out to lunch at the Corner Room. I ended up getting soup since I wasn't very hungry. We walked around town for a little while before it started to rain (big shocker there). Went back to my apartment to rest a while. Met up with my mom around 8 for some H.D. (hot drink) and grilled stickies!! After I went home and crashed.

On Saturday I woke up and felt like absolute crap. I couldn't breathe and my head felt like a bowling ball:( Decided it was a good day to go food shopping since Amy and I were both around which is usually rare. Around 6 I picked up my mom and we did some walmart shopping. Picked up some nyquil because I knew it would be one of those nights I would have trouble falling asleep. After we picked up Amy and some of my mom's friends from the conference and headed to The Tavern for some dinner. Man is that a great place to eat! I got this Beef Tenderloin platter with an assortment of sides. Hit the spot and hey I actually ate@_@ Got some apple pie for dessert. I really enjoy it there because it is the one place you can just relax and enjoy the atmosphere. No one was in a rush to get anywhere for once! After I dropped my mom off at the hotel Amy and I headed back to the apartment for some r&r. Some of her friends came over to watch Pi and I hope I didn't get anyone else sick:P After the movie I headed to bed since I took the magic nyquil.

Sunday I woke up and felt awful. I had the nyquil induced hangover. Went to the waffle shop to meet my mom for some breakfast. She could definitely tell I was doped up from the nyquil and this was at 12:30pm! Recommendation: DO NOT TAKE 2 pills of NYQUIL unless you don't want to function for a while:P Anyway, after I said goodbye and wished my mom a safe trip home. Met up with Brian and Adam for the Lady Lions game up at the BJC. I felt like crap...big time. At least the game was cool and we won:) It was funny because one of the girls on the Holy Cross team was my size. I give her mad props for hanging in there. Unfortunately, she didn't score:( That would have been cool. Anyway after I got home I pretty much passed out for a while before realizing I had another paper to write. Ended up doing a half ass job on it but whatever. I don't care...I'm graduating and have a job:) OH YEAH! I officially signed the offer letter for Flack+Kurtz and sent it back!! NYC here I come:) And another oh yeah...my roomie got a job with AMS down in the DC area. Yay! Glad she didn't get the scary interviewer I got:P

Monday I woke up and went to work. Why I went to work? Because I felt obligated since I missed Friday. Probably shouldn't have since I was still pretty sick but oh well. Put in about 4 hours. Came home and headed up to the NLI for class. Ended up being the one on F&B so we got to eat. Kinda sucks it was the one week I was sick and didn't have an appetite:( Other than that I had two group meetings. On the way home at the end of the night I got stuck in the elevator. Let me tell you that is not a fun feeling! When I got in the apartment Amy looked like death. I was pretty scared. Ran out and got her some immodium and she seemed to just nap on and off the rest of the night. Went to bed early so I could feel a little better.

Tuesday I ended up missing judo...just watched. Naturally I miss the day that isn't too horrible. heh. The rest of classes were boring as usual. Met up with Brian to head over to the BJC for the women's 2nd round game...Lady Lions vs Gamecocks. We won in convincing fashion again:) However, next game is vs Tenn in Knoxsville where they are 40-0 in the tournament. Can you say uh oh?

Wednesday was work day. Lunch was horrible. Went to the college dems meeting even though I have no motivation left for anything anymore. It gets worse daily. I thought senioritis was bad in high school...woah...nothing compared to now! Made some chicken stew for dinner and watched some tv. Usual school crap to finish and reading I don't do.

Thursday judo was horrible. He worked us hard and we all looked like we were going to pass out by the end of class. I still was feeling the effects of the cold and it made it pretty rough. Next week I have to go to judo club practice which I am NOT looking forward to:( IST was awful...all I could think of was how funny it would be for Oishi to come in and throw my instructor. It's that bad. Got my cap and gown for graduation...wow! Still hard to believe. Went back to class up in Mateer and got home around 6pm. Got some dp dough for dinner and chilled for the night. I still felt woozy from judo.

So here I am at work. Can't wait to go home. But hey at least I get paid. This afternoon someone is coming to check out the apartment for summer sublet. I hope I can get someone to take it because I don't have the money to pay for 2 apartments....especially moving to NYC and all.

That's about all for now...hope that satisfies the LJ update in all of you...

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