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Dancin' part 2

Well I left off when the sun came up:) Anywho, my moraler came back which was definitely a big boost. I'm not sure if moraler was identified but a moraler is someone that is responsible for one couple of dancers. Their job is too keep the dancers pepped up and on their feet...by bringing food, toys, etc to keep the spirits up. Katie always felt bad cause we never really knew what to have her bring us...but honestly we were still in the mode of "wow we're here." Anyways, Nicole stopped down to visit which was cool...with more gifts...she rules:) One cool event was this was the first year they had "locks of love" on stage. "Locks of love" is where people with extremely long hair donate their hair so it can be used to make wigs. It was incredible. There were 15 people up on stage...you should have seen their faces when they realized it was going to happen! There even was a five year old girl that was donating her hair! How cool is that? In exchange, they were given hair stylists to form a new style once the hair was cut clean.

Before I continue I should mention every hour there is the line dance. This is a dance made up by the morale team to a bunch of words that signify stuff from the past year in PSU and world in general. It's a dance that gets us, the dancers, up beat and ready to continue on. I'll post the words later...but it definitely was a good dance:) I always looked forward to the line dance...especially after some of the horrible live bands early on.

Anyways Saturday afternoon there were a lot of visitors. My parents were there of course to cheer me on (YOU GUYS ROCK) and many of my good friends showed up. Thanks guys once again...can't tell you how much it meant to me! Anyways, the one time Jason and I could get food first (it was by couple number) it was a freakin' cold meal anyway (subs). Oh well. Next thing I recall is doing the chicken dance and hokey pokey....and michelle was on the floor at that time getting her hokey pokey on as well;-) That was pretty fun...I loved being able to go back to being 5 years old for a little bit...hehe. Velveeta came on to perform! They are a kick ass cover band that performs in the state college area a lot...so that was good times:)

Around 9PM (I know it was 9 since they told us) the College Democrats performed their karoke. Jason and I sure got a kick out of that! Jared in a dress? hahahaha. That was blackmail if I ever saw blackmail! After the karoke, Erin came on with her beatbox group...it was pretty sweet! It was funny too...she was being called by the guys "booty". Well it was that due to the fact that she was wearing a shirt that said "booty" on the front. Definitely an erin:-) In between there got some cards in with the moralers of team yellow...Jason and I lost at cards:( Although I think the moralers had an unfair advantage in that they had some kind of brain to do this kind of activity:P This was about 24 hrs in...hehe:)

Anyways, Erin stuck around for a while. So that was cool. I finally got to see who her boy is...he's cute:) must say good taste...hehe:) Anyways, the pep rally was next. This was a bad thing. I ended up scrunched up front and couldn't move. So i was standing in one place for who knows how long....this caused my legs to cramp up badly. Ended up with two knots in my calves...anyone that has had those before...hurts reallllllllly bad:( Anyways, pep rally had every team known to penn state which was cool but my legs really hurt from it.

After that the next few hours were blech...my moraler wasn't around which made things tough cause it was starting to get to the dead period:( Jason and I made a pact to go get a professional massage once all of our friends left. We got in the line for the massage and it took something like an hr or more to get to the front of the line. While waiting, a moraler massaged my calf and got the knot out. It was pretty bad. At this point my feet felt like they were going to implode and all kinds of emotions were flaring...
The massage was relaxing but after it I felt weird. Everything was kinda slow motion and funky. Kinda like the world is going slow. Not sure if it is what it is like to be on drugs but that is how I felt...hehe. Anyways, I drank a whole bottle of gatorade on my dad's advice and that didn't help:( Tried an ice bath...I couldn't even feel the cold water! That was kinda weird....scary. After that is one big blur until the end. People were talking and I couldn't understand them. Scary. Kinda like being in a coma I imagine. Really, really scary.

Anyways skipping forward to the end...when I was awake:)

Rec Hall was packed. It was incredible....the excitement in that building is something I will never forget. I dont' think there was one person without a grin as big as their face. So many people on the floor....but at least i could move:) I found Alicia and Jason finally and we hung together til the end. Green Eggs and Spam was the last live band to come on. They were so awesome:) I'm definitely gonna have to go to the crow bar to see them. Anyways, they played to the crowd with a lot of covers and really got everyone juiced up. I was definitely psyched when Dancing Queen was played. After they went off, the line dance was played for the second to last time. By now everyone knew it so it probably looked pretty neat to see it up high. After that, the last hour was a rollercoaster of emotions and excitement. The overall committee came up probably for the last half hour. Dancing away and grinning away. THe Nittany Lion of course was part of the show. Finally, "morale capts can you come to the stage"///you know what this means. This was it!!! The last line dance...the last song....and 48 hours have passed. That last line dance was something out of a fairy tale. As "for the kids" rang...everyone was set for the countdown...
And with that...the marathon was over. What an incredible experience. NOw all that was left was the final tally. The overall tally was $3,613,178.61!! A new record!!! FTK:) That was definitely exciting...made all of the hard work over the past few months worth it!

and before I sign off for this entry I want to make sure every person that came to show support for me or any dancer in THON.....A HUgE THANK YOU!!! You guys are what made us go and without you THON couldn't happen. I hope you all know how much you mean to me and just so you know...I will be there for you next year should you decide to dance next year. As for me, I think I'll reside on a committee next year...one year of dancing is what the doctor ordered....definitely gave me the experience I wanted and then some. The powerful voice from just a set of students is unreal. So now you may be asking. what is my next venture in life? Well, after I graduate from Penn State my grand scheme goal is to follow in my parents footsteps. I hope to train and run a marathon...with my parents!! I hope to follow in their footsteps as well by running for a charity....nothing can beat the feeling of knowing who you are doing this for. Yeah, for myself somewhat, but mostly for the joy I am putting in so many other people. Experiences like that can never be put down in words. Well I think I'm gonna hit the hay...writing that paper last night took a lot out of me and I need to rest up for the night on the town tomorrow:)

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