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Bridges Runner

x_X No more nice weather...

x_X No more nice weather...

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I'm so grouped out. It's not even funny any more. I'm papered out. Burnt out. Someone get me out of this zoo called class soon...not that I want the real world....can't i just be here without the work?

here's what's left:

  • Art 002 group project

  • 440 group presentation

  • hrim group project--presentation/paper

  • hrim take home final paper

  • 1 more take away report

  • 2 papers for internship class

  • Evals for internship class

  • finish up 440w paper

Can I begin to tell you the amount of joy and jubilation that will occur May 2nd???? Didn't think so:P

Damn this weather...44 tomorrow:( It was 84 today!!!! damn you mother nature...making me be all happy and then pissy cause you make it nasty again!
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