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Bridges Runner

30 days....

30 days....

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Following Ms. Amy's lead I'm going to give an update on me, myself and I. Let's see...a couple weeks ago I had judo club practice...which basically amounts to getting the sh&%$ beat out of you for 2 hours. And as if you're not tired enough at the end, how about another 50 pushups or 100 situps? Yeah so don't mess with me....I know judo:P Let's see.,..after the last club practice I had to go to Amy and I went to Red Lobster/ Her mom rocks and gave her a 25 dollar gift certificate (thanks Mrs Lee). Anyway, we ate like champs....the lobster and shrimp thing oh and LOTS OF BISCUITS... I also know her secret to eating...do lots of martial arts!! I out ate her.....I cleaned my plate...including the salad! SHocked? I know I was;P

Let's see....that friday I had a strange encounter on the elevator. I was coming home from work and I looked up at another guy that was there...we both at the same time "do i know you from somewhere" Ended up chatting for 20 mins outside the elevator and ended up being invited to his party the next night:) Friday night Dave showed up:) We ended up renting the ring from blockbuster...scared me but I'm a wimp when it comes to those. Saturday we went running and such...after met up with Brian at Panera to collect on my soup. You see we bet a bread bowl on who would win the NCAA brackets...I had won before the final four had even started:p Before the party we watched the Syracuse game...because if they would win that and the final game...I'd win 200 bucks from vegas. The 'Cuse won:-D The party was fun. I was a social butterfly:P I don't think I've met so many Jewish people in one room with the exception of youth group stuff. It was fun...cool people:) Then the clocks changed and screwed me up for a few days. That kinda sucked....especially when its cold and snowing.

A week from Monday it snowed...yes APRIL 7TH!!!!!!!!! I kept cursing the weather...and saying it wasn't allowed to do that. I hope I didn't annoy amy too much with my antics. But THAT IS ILLEGAL MOTHER NATURE!!!!!! Anyway, class was class..poopy. Let's see last weekend was cool. Friday night I chilled with a bunch of amy's friends...watched fast times at richmont high...weird. good times had by all i'd say. Saturday it was gorgeous. We kinda pondered at what the sun was...it was out in full force!! We walked to the IM bldg for a run then to the CREAMERY:):) Followed by Panda Express...and buying items for my cousin going to PSU next year (Berks). That night I went to karoke night with my friend amanda...know her from high school. No worries I spared them from my singing:P

Movin' On was announced. All crappy groups. Disappointing. Group mtg sunday makes me unhappy. No IST makes me happy. This week sucked. A lot. I had 10 hours of work Wednesday followed by a gropu mtg till midnight. You be the judge here. THis weekend I get to go home...away from the madness and horrors of group meetings. Right now I am at the boiling point. At least I still have judo....which still kicks my ass. We learned the sacrifice body routine today,....I got to feel like i'm flying. That was neat:-D
  • Yay! I love amy updates! Lol Glad yuo enjoyed the owl. It was so cute I almost cut it out and ate it. Lol.

    Dont let the work goblins eat your soul.

    Btw yuo are so goddamn hardcore with yuor martial ars it makes me wanna explode loo. Wish i was like that. Miss yuo my little humperdinger.
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