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Seems it is time for another update eh;)

Well I figure...why not update the world of LJ with my life....

THings are winding down here in Happy Valley. I know I can't believe it....I still seem to remember being that little young dorky person arriving to McElwain...and now I'm just an older and wiser dorky person? hehe. Anyway memories are to wait for another day...

This past weekend I went home for Passover. It was definitely nice to go home and unwind for a couple days. Got to see the fam...then eat and sleep a lot. What more can I ask for? I also had tons of leftovers to bring back:) This also provided the time to bring home the rest of the winter garb. Naturally, last night I had a dream about snow...that was rather frightening.

This week I've done more papers and group stuff. I wonder what it will feel like to go to my last group mtg. Will I even know?

Last night was good times. Went to Prospectors with Nick, Sarah, Amy, and Steve. All you can eat ribs, chicken and 2 sides for 13.50. it was sweeeeeeet!! Too bad I'm little and can't eat as much as everyone else. Oh well. Later after a group mtg, Amish and Adam wanted to go to BK. However we got there as they were shutting down for the night so we went to perkins/ As we were going in the restaurant, two guys walk out. This is the conversation:
"I'm mad at you. I don't want to sleep at your place tonight." heh we definitely just tried to ignore what we heard. Hey don't call me non PC or anything....it's just kinda funny to hear it in the wide open like that.
Then later in the meal....about 5-7 old ladies with poodle skirts walk by. That was just random and weird.

Today was another judo class. However today we got tested:( THat kinda sucked. My back isn't up to par so I kinda screwed up the throw:/ Oh well at least I'll pass. Yay for being a senior...nay to feeling like you sprained your back:(

So now I'm just killin some time before my last class of the week. THat means 3 more days of class left....or translates it into....6 total classes! That's it! How kick ass is that?

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