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Oh happy day

So here I am. Done. College. Weird, eh? I thought so. Let's see last Thursday was my last day of class...really last effort put towards anything class related too:) Anyway, of course it was the hottest day of the week and I had to wear a black suit....let's just say not very comforting. Went to my last day of judo to hear the lessons of Oishi one last time. He told me that his brother has a dojo in Lower Manhattan...haha. Overall, I'd have to say he's a good guy....he just wants to see people push to the limit and succeed. Probably something more American teachers should pick up on...I think they give up a little too easy. I got my A in judo...wished all my judo friends well and headed out with Erin to the LAST IST CLASS EVER. Who thought that day would ever come? Not I! The amusement of the class: watching a giant bee fly around the classroom. Then it was time for the presentation for HRIM 471 at the Stater. Overall, it went alright. I don't think we really cared too much cause the other two guys were exhausted and I was exhausted from bounding the reports till 1am the night before. So after that I was done really....and I wasn't sure how to describe it. it just kinda didn't feel like anything happened. It was a happy feeling but just like any other time I finish a school year...relief. That night I did NOTHING. And believe me it felt great.

Friday was my last day of work. I'm gonna miss tony:( He's a good guy. I learned a lot of cool networking stuff from him. He took me to Red Lobster for lunch:) It was so good...shrimp scampi and cheesecake for dessert!!!!!! After work I had a silly internship reception at the NLI. I couldn't drive over since I'm a student and can't park. So Tony had to drive me and stay. At least I got free food:) Then I was freeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Friday night a bunch of people came over to drink and socialize. It was a ton of fun:) Nick and I discussed how we were frosh in band (2 weeks into the school year) saying how weird it would be 4 years later. Well here we are. Maggie came over and apparently after I passed out in bed she ran in and out of the apartment like a train and sounding like one too. I didn't hear anything!

Saturday I headed home. It was time to start the great apartment search in the NYC area! Saturday I saw my parents for an hour because they had a wedding that night. They didn't get home till after 3 because the stupid valet people lost their car and parked it on the street. Not to mention a ticket too! heh. Sunday morning we left the house around 930 so we could stop at a diner for breakfast. The first place I looked at was definitely not for me. There was no a/c and the windows opened to a brick wall that you could touch without really sticking your arm out. Yeah. Not it. The second one was a nice plushy house but too out in the suburbia of New Jersey. I would have to use my car for everything. So with that we headed back home...I still felt it was good because it really helped me decide I want to be IN the city.

Monday I woke up with a fever. I felt tired, achy and shitty. I thought it was my usual end of the school year thing. So one day thing and done. I started to feel soemthing in my throat but thought nothing of it. Spent the day in bed.

Tuesday was more of the same. I did more research for apartments in NYC. I found two in Manhattan....midtown for a reasonable price (for NYC). I set up two appts for this weekend:) Other than that nothing really.

Wednesday was doctor bonanza. First got my hair cut followed by 3 doctor appts. Yay. Then I drove back to school only to immediately lose my voice. It sucks:( Didn't sleep so great last night...hopefully better sleep tonight cause I am driving home yet again tomorrow for apartment searching.

This entry wasn't great but oh well. Look for exciting ones soon...I think Lessons From Lis is next.....

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