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College Life Lessons from Lis....

1. Do not burn bridges unless absolutely necessary. You just do not know when that will come back to haunt you. Maybe not today, but who knows what tomorrow may bring.

OK, this is one I really am following big time now. Be kind to people because you just have no idea when they will come back in your life and make an impact. If you burn the bridge, do you have a chance to do that? NO! Favors could be returned and in some cases be a very good thing for you or them. I, personally, have had one bridge burned this year. I do not look at it as a good thing but there is nothing that I could have done to keep a two way communication.

2. Be careful for what you wish for. The alternative could be worse.

For example, I thought having tons of tests was awful. I hated having to study so much and thought it took so much time to do. However, this semester I had 33 papers to write instead. Which is better? Neither. I just would say do not tell someone writing papers is better....because it is not. Both are painful school activities.

3. Make sure to sleep!

This one I had to learn the hard way. You should make sure to sleep even if everything is not done perfectly. Trust me too many long nights catch up with you in the end. My sophomore year I learned the hard way and ended up with mono because I did not take care of myself. Take care of your body and make sure to do this or else your body will make sure you do...by knocking you on your a** for a few weeks.

4. Get to know how to work in a group.

This one is huge for me. I mean I had no other choice really. There were semesters where it was rare to find me not at a group meeting. Group meeting bonanza. If you can't get out of it, may as well learn to adapt. This better be the case for the real world:p

5. Eat lots of junk food.

OK, yeah I know what you're thinking. But I don't want to lose my figure:P Well, I'm not saying eat just junk food. But make sure you enjoy the pleasures in life such as late night pokey stix and dp dough. I mean really....would mom allow this at home? I think not. Then there's Louie's cheesesteaks, cheesesticks. etc.

6. Exercise!

This is not just to avoid getting bigger from #5 but also to make yourself wear off some of the stress. I know for me it felt good to run around the track or throw people around in the IM building or raquetball. Whatever floats your boat....

7. Try something new.

You're only in college once. It may be the only time you can try different weird stuff. For me it was taking judo for my ESACT. Do you think I would have taken this if it were not a class? OF COURSE NOT! I can now say it was worth the chance...it was fun and definitely rewarding. There's so much out there that for everyone you can find something.

8. If you find a cool roommate, stick with that.

Trust me on this one. Once you have found gold for a roommate, do not let go. My frosh year I had an awful roommate. Then the rest of college was smooth and a lot can be attributed to a good roomie. Sure it's fun to have frosh roomie stories but that's enough. Find someone that can be easy to live with and you won't be sorry!

9. Go out during the week at least once during your college career. OK, definitely more than that!

College is to goof off. Work is to well,....work. Make the time to go out because later you may not get opportunities as golden as now. Get to know the bar scene such as Margarita Madness and Nacho Night at Champs:-D

10. Meet your group of friends. They will make your college experience.

Trust me on this one. This should be your friends not what someone else says is your friends. It is not high school anymore....although some seem to think it is still.

Well I think that's all for now.

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