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Bridges Runner

a trip to look for housing #2

a trip to look for housing #2

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Well I went to look at 2 apartments in midtown Manhattan today. Let me say that apartment hunting in NYC is quite the experience. You don't really choose....they interview you. Or as my dad says more like a sorority rush. Eww I can't believe I said that. But it is true to an extent. You have to impress them enough to see that you are a good roommate for them. Interesting eh?

I definitely liked apartment #2. It is about 6 short blocks from where I'll be working. You can see the Empire State Building from one of the roommate's rooms. My bedroom would not be a box!!!! Yeah I know that's amazing! It just was awesome and everyone in the apartment is within 2 years of age of me. Sooooo perfect. But as it stands now I have to wait for a call back to whether or not I get the apartment. No ring yet....:-/

The first apartment was what I expect from a Manhattan apartment. Small. I'd say the bedroom reminded me of a dorm in east. Just very very small. A converted room into a bedroom probably. Anything to get that extra rent right? It was cute though and laundry in the apartment or downstairs. Very different set of roommates too....pretty much at work a lot and do their own thing. But friendly still.

Both have their own benefits. It's a good start I'd say.

I'll be a pro at this by the time I find my niche in NYC:-D
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