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Funny story

Yeah...I'm starting to update more often now that school is over..,.

I love the people I'm going to work for:-D

So today I call because I wanted to get everything straight for when the start date is and other misc. stuff...
I leave a message on the office phone to call back. I was out this afternoon so I get a message saying to call the office number but if he's not there to call the cell phone number (which he had to repeat 4x because he messed up saying it the first two times). So I call the office number and get voicemail so fine. I know it's ok to call the cell cause he told me to! I call the cell...rings a couple times and he picks up...I hear people laughing in the background and he tells me its a bad time. So fine...a few mins later he calls back saying he was in a meeting....the reason why everyone was laughing was because he reprogrammed his phone so the ring said "DUDE! YOUR CELL PHONE IS RINGING!" hahahahaha!

I'm amused. Yet another reason to love the place I'm going to:0)
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