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25 things to do at Penn State before graduating

Top 25 things to do before you Graduate:

  1. Pass the Lion up the stands at a game
  2. ---check!
  3. Get your picture taken with the Lion---check! Many times I think....THON and final four in philly for sure

  4. Do the WAVE in Beaver Stadium---check! hmm every game;-)

  5. Buy a Penn State souvenir as a gift----CHECK! I've been buying PSU stuff since I was like this high...:p

  6. Get lost in the stacks at Pattee---check! Man I hate that place,,,looks like a haunted house at night

  7. Attend a concert at Rec Hall---not a concert...wanted to see Live but I had a test that night:(

  8. Take the LOOP---check! The Loop! The Loop! The Loop is on fire!

  9. Party-Walk at NPHC Party---what?

  10. Buy an ice cream cone at the Creamery---check! It's SHERBERT:-D

  11. Feed a squirrel on the Mall----check! Dropping food on the ground should count;-)

  12. Listen to an evangelist near Willard---check! Remember everyone that every college student is running around having sex....according to the williard preacher anyway.

  13. Check the HUB Rideboard---check! I'm sure of it during my freshman year when I knew basically no one

  14. Sunbathe in the quad or on the HUB lawn---check! Finals week anyone...nicest week of the year!

  15. Get a personal ad in the Collegian

  16. Guard the Nittany Lion during Homecoming---Check! Sophomore year with Amanda:)

  17. Go to Ritenour for a mono test---well I did get mono but got my test at home since I got it during finals week....damn sore throat:p My friend kept telling me it was mono but I tried to deny it...guess it was mono though in the end considering how swollen by neck got:(

  18. Dive off the 10 meter board at the pool---HELL NO

  19. Buy a standup Joepa--How do you think this would look in my cubicle at work?

  20. Eat a grilled sticky at 4:00am---CHeck! IST 230 final studying....and root beer floats as well. Not that it helped any....what...we still got 30s on the final? heh

  21. Look one way on College and Beaver--Check! Considering I live on Beaver now:p

  22. Sell a $25 text book for $4---Check! I still win for getting a 110 dollar book and not being able to sell it back,

  23. Come back for [Arts Fest] in July--Check! Red Lobster...yay!

  24. Climb Mt. Nittany--Check! Summer before frosh year with LEAP and with IST Day of Caring....I remember carrying a pick that i almost cut my foot with

  25. Visit the Bell Tower in Old Main--wanted to go this year but didn't seem to see anything about it

  26. Participate in the IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon---THON chair for 2 years and danced it in 2002...GOOD STUFF!

19/25....not bad....considering I make up ground with the following:
-going to both the Michigan and Ohio State away football games
-going to the Women's Final Four in Philly
-spent two summers up here:0)
-part of the first IST class!
-I own two PSU football jerseys and countless tee shirts
-Friday finals...I am the queen!

That's 25/25 to me:) I LOVE PENN STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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