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The days keep going by...

Wow. This is my last non parental night in State College. Where did 4 years go? Not really sure. Tonight was awesome though! Before I get to that, I saw Matrix Reloaded earlier today and let me say it was awesome. If you liked Matrix, Reloaded is even better....well at least I thought so. I won't say anything because some of you still have not seen it. Make it to the theatre though. Oh yeah...I was the first person in the theatre for the 12:30PM show....I guess 4 years has taught me how to be a true nerd. Yikes. Well at least its not Star Trek or Star Wars...then I think I'd worry more. I went with Amy, her friend Randy and one other guy who's name is eluding me at the moment (sorry!).

Tonight I had a bunch of friends over to drink the alcohol that is left. Nick, Justin, Laura, Ben, Amish, Sarah, and of course amy (duh...she's my roomie;)) did a decent job of helping me out;-) We watched Catch me if you can which is a cool movie and just had a real chill kind of night. It was nice to just chat the night away and enjoy the company. I think this is when it really started to hit me that I may not see some of these people for a long while. I don't like that. I want these people to be there...well at least there's email now! Anyway, everyone stayed till around 2am.....watched Conan's claymation....haha. We kept pondering how ridiculous it was to be watching this....I was amused though:-D So let's see...the drinks concocted: Long Island Iced Teas, Rum and Coke (my fav!), strawberry daquiris, screwdrivers, French Kiss shooters, and a couple others that were made up along the way. We found out that this margarita mix I had actually already had tequila in it....so one of my friends ended up with a double margarita....needless to say he didn't really drink it;-)

New York news...Well I think things are starting to move in the right direction. I've found a roommate! So at least now I have someone to search with and share my anxiety with (you just have no idea). She seems really cool and eerily shares many common interests I have. Really a fluke out of the blue thing but very cool nonetheless. So yay to that. Still working on a few leads...

Other news...Spurs beat the Fakers...err Lakers:) That means they are out....which makes me a very happy person. Give Mr. Robinson a championship before he retires.

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