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Bridges Runner

The News

The News

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News has become 100% depressing. I mean its like nothing good ever happens in the world. The worst is the local news. The first twenty minutes is the "shock and awe" part...there's always a story about "watch out for people behind you so you don't get kidnapped." I mean thanks for the information but I would think it is common sense to watch out for yourself. Though these days that may be debatable. Then there's shootings and of course the people being tried for white collar crimes.

Now on CNN the past half hour: Terror threats, terror message, mad cow disease...nothing to get your day going like that kind of news eh? However, they did mention J-Lo is getting her own wax figure at Madame Tusseud's in New York today. I guess that's why I depend on the Internet more for my news...

That being said...it makes me miss the State College news. The news there: Lost shoe, dog missing, etc. I mean it gave a calmer, nice value to it...then again when you're in the middle of no where that's what happens.

News is not really news anymore...it's anything that brings ratings, not necessarily the real news.

Anyone else feel like that?
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