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Bridges Runner

Getting closer and closer

Getting closer and closer

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I think things are coming together. It's hard to tell because everytime I think I'm just about there, there's something else that says "not just yet." You have never experienced a moving process until you try to move to NYC. The process to rent is ridiculous. I probably cannot explain this in words what an experience this is.

Anyway, YES I HAVE SOMEWHERE TO LIVE. I checked it out yesterday afternoon and it seems to be a good fit. It's big for New York standards...trust me for what you think it is big, it probably is not:p But hey it's location, location, location. And you know what I'm going to be in the Big Apple...and that just rocks! The apartment is nice and even has a buzz in kinda like on Seinfeld;) It's exciting yet stressful as the numbers come together. But I'm gonna make it...because if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere (ok yeah bad cliche). But it probably is incredibly true.

I'm going back up tomorrow to hand in more paperwork and check out the apartment again. Oh yeah and finally meet my new roommate in person...funny how these days it's kinda normal to use the Internet to find a roommate. But hey I think this is working out...and she seems pretty cool..shares similar interests. So we shall see but I have good vibes on this...

And finally, where are the comments people? I know you're reading this but not commenting...be cool and comment. It makes me feel loved:-D
  • Congratulations!

    Well once again congratulations to you! I know you're going to have a blast up there. Just remember you got someone (whistles innocently) who will be dying to visit you and require you as either a tour guide or partner in crime, er I mean mischief. :)

    And to the new roomie, take good care of lis! You'll both have a great time!
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