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Ahh yes....the search is over

So yes...the search is done. I can now say I will be a New York City girl...an uptown girl! Thank goodness that is over. It was stressful...to say it in a very minor way. Let's just say...if you are to move to the big apple, make sure to plan ahead.....you'll need to. My dad decided to drive to NYC today because it's sunday....and not as much traffic. Ok let me tell you....not as much traffic in NYC...is traffic in most areas. Plus people drive like morons. We almost saw a biker get taken out by a double bus. Then everyone just honks if the light turns green and no one can move. We actually saw a sign that said $350 fine for honking...haha. I'd like to see someone try and enforce that! So anyway when my dad enters the city, he doesn't follow directions he's been telling us about that his friend gave him. We end up going the wrong way so he turns down BROADWAY going tright through the heart of the theatre district. Anyone that knows anything...knows that it is probably the busiest street in America. Naturally, it wasn't happy times in the car but we did get the realty place in reasonable time. My roomie was there to sign the lease already so I had to sign her leases and she had to sign mine...lots of signing...lots of money being shifted back and forth. It was good to get it done because I didn't sleep very well the night before...due to being hot and also the stress of this. I dunno why but I guess it's just I always look to accomplish the next task.

So after the lease signing my family and I headed to check out the new place...since my mom had yet to see it. She seemed to like it. We took some more measurements so I can make sure to get appropriate furniture and such. Once we were done I took them to see where I'm working. My boss was there to meet and greet. I got to pick out my desk which is right by a window overlooking 5th ave:) Not bad, eh?

Went back to the Upper East Side to get some lunch before driving home. Went to Mustangs, the Mexican place, and it was pretty good. NYC is a food lovers dream.

Things are looking up. Yay.

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