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Drinking, basketball, etc.

Well, it's been a while since you've been enraptured with my life. Ha right. Like anyone really reads this stuff:P So another St Patrick's Day has arrived. It somehow seems like there is some kind of voodoo or curse to keep me from getting out and enjoying the St Patty's Day Atmosphere. This year was no exception. Last night ended up being rough. Alcohol+too short of time period=disaster. And naturally everyone's favorite phrase after getting a bad hangover came out of my mouth: "I never want to drink again." How long do you think that will last? Heh,...not long....I plan on hitting the crow bar tomorrow night after the Lady Lions game. Apparently, I will try the green beer...this could be interesting.

It's funny. Everyone knows the rule of watching what you drink so you don't get smashed. But why must we always test the law of drinking? Do we think we're invincible and the law of drinking will pass over us? Some thoughts to ponder. You would think I would have learned from last year's experience...nope had to get this year's version of head feeling like it is going to split open. Yuck. Repeat after me: Beware of the hard liquor. Too much in too little of a time=a whole lot of unnecessary pain.

I've decided the Lady Lions should show the men's bball team a thing or two. I had the best time at the game Friday night. The refs were horrendous in the first half so everyone was screaming at them....apparently elbowing and body slamming is allowed in women's bball. Who knew? This team is exciting....up tempo and quick...something that perhaps a year or two could hang with a team like UCONN? I hope so:) And who knows...maybe this year.... First things first....Lady Lions play the #5 seed Florida Atlantic...I'll be there once again:)

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