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And it creeps ever so close...

This week has just been...busy. Not that the past month hasn't...more or less more of the same. I'm beginning to think it's not possible for me to EVER enjoy free time. Although moving to NYC takes a lot of time and energy if you want to make it a good move...and I think it will be! Anyway, let's see. Memorial Day I went with my family to the Verizon store to change my plan over....so I have my own plan just need to do the market change to get a NY number once I move. We also went to Franklin Mills with my mom mom. I started the great search for stuff for my bedroom. I found my bedding sheets and a couple of cute night stands to fit in little crevices of my apartment. The key to these NYC apartments is to be efficient...because if you're not then it will be even smaller than you think:p My brother came in for dinner since he had to be in NJ for work on Tuesday....that marked the third weekend in a row I had seen my brother!! I think that's more than the past four or five months:p So that was nice.

Next was the next part in my saga of moving to NYC. As many who know me know, I had a whole ordeal with the apartment once again. I'm not posting it here because well...it's like beating a dead horse already:p It happened...but things get taken care of.

Tuesday was more running errands... I ran around town. I set up a new bank account since this bank is in NYC and in my area...major plus! Not much money in it but hopefully soon there will be a little more once I start working:) I also returned the bedding sheets i had found at Bed Bath and Beyond...they really weren't as good as the ones I found at Franklin Mills. This entailed going to my mom's work to retrieve the receipt which added an extra 25 mins to the trip. All in all I ended up being out most of the days doing odds and ends to that extent. I also did more cleaning in my room (ie throwing out junk from the past 22 1/2+ years). Man college seems to be such an easy way to become a pack rat. Way too much junk!

Wednesday I confirmed that I was making trip #6 to NYC of the month Thursday. I also got to go to IKEA with my friend Laura. It was nice to see her and break up my moving nightmare a bit. She seems to be feeling a lot of the similar pains I'm feeling (although she hasn't found somewhere to live as of yet). Anyway saw a few possibilities there. I ended up crashing pretty early last night....got a migraine:( I hate them:(

Today it was off to NYC:-D I went with Ariel to have some company. The train ride was nice...we just chatted the whole time up. I mean we're friends and that's what friends do, right? Well apparently some old lady in front of us took offense to her and turned around as we were pulling into Penn Station to say "Don't you ever shut up?". haha. It took everything I had to not start cracking up. I just turned to Ariel and said "welcome to New York." Let's see I took care of some business with the apartment. Then we checked out the neighborhood some more. I definitely love it...it's the city minus the craziness of midtown. Anyway, we ate at the Mexican restaurant I ate at on Sunday since she wanted mexican...and we both got margaritas since they were on special:) We ended up walking like nobody's business. Try 30 blocks straight at one point and of course countless more. I figured out how to get from Grand Central to Penn Station today via subway. Go me for figuring out something:p We also caught the express train so it was less than an hour to get to our station!!! big yay.

So now I am going downstairs to enjoy my black and white cookie....ahh I love New York!

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