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4 years? are you sure that wasn't 4 months?

Now that I've had a couple weeks to digest everything....I still haven't. I mean how does one digest graduating from college and moving to New York City within a few short weeks? Don't get me wrong...all exciting, just WOW!

Seems like just yesterday that my parents were dropping me off at PSU for summer session back in '99. It was 2 days after I graduated from Council Rock so it was a quick move. My mom was worried I wouldn't be able to survive in such a big school setting. She even just told me recently she thought I'd be a private school type of girl...not Penn State which is all I wanted since second grade:p I remember that move in day....I thought wow....a college dorm room...my own life. My mom and dad got in the car to go home and my mom said to my dad: "why do you have all that stuff there? There needs to be room for Lis to sit in the back." My dad broke the news to my mom that I finally was getting dropped off for good...not like the other times where we just went to visit my brother or attend a football game. The first few days were tough to adjust since I didn't know anyone but after that things were looking up:-D

The firends I have met definitely are a wide range of people. I've met a lot of people....some I still remain friends with to this day...others that in some way are not meant to stay in my life (probably not you if you read this:-D). I can't thank everyone enough for being part of my college experience. Big kudos goes out to Amy for being the super cool roomie for 3 years. I can't believe we're not going to be together anymore:( We somehow managed to fit so much crap into 504...I still have no idea how! I really think it defied the laws of physics:p 504 will forever be our home in some way.

This is just one moment I am going to post....just so many memories. I'll post as I remember. Anyone else have some moments to share? Post a comment....it's ok if you're not a member...you are still allowed to post;-)

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